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  1. I have the same problem on my 92 LS, If I only Plug the two lines (the one on the engine and air intake part) will this eliminate the "white puff" when starting the engine? eventually (a week or so) I'll try and get the ACV replaced. is there anything else I should consider? thanks.
  2. i'm having the same problem. keep us posted
  3. what specific Pb blaster products should be used and how?
  4. me and all of our friends have been voting over and over since this afternoon
  5. Red Bull is holding a competition. It's called "Red Bull Art of the Can" and basically, you make anything you want out of a Red Bull can. Before he passed, my friend's dad made a Jet Fighter Plane and a Bi-Wing Plane. (for some reason, the Bi-winged plane isnt on the Website.) Directions to the Voting: Go to: Click on: "Find out more" Under the Atlanta Art of the Can Click on: the "Gallery" tab His will be the 3rd one titled "Air Race" Vote for him! And if you wanna vote again... just refresh it!! And vote again! Thanks to All!!
  6. to answer my own question. the jdm bulb size is H4 so in order to have them fit an adaptor is need to conver the 9004 harness to H4 bulb.
  8. old post, but can anyone tell me where and what to "plug" pic would be appreciated.
  9. does anyone know what type of bulb is used for the jdm one piece headlight? i just installed the jdm headlight and i'm using the stock bulb 9004 and the light output is horrible; i cant see more then 7-8feet infront of the car. any info is welcomed. thanks
  10. if you are talking about those lights then check out if you are switching out w/ Leds you have the option of changing the backlighting color. like in the pic above kits with the pocket for aftermarket headunits and harness can be purchaed one ebay just do a quick search
  11. is this what you're talking about w/ new leds, you will have to take apart the center dash part and switch out the lights
  12. Yes; the prongs "snap" on and stay on with the sticky tape
  13. yes, the "L" and "lexus" on the back have prongs
  14. i replace all of my worn out gold ones last year, the one in the grille is held on by one screw and one tab on each side, the "lexus" on the trunk has 4 or 5 pins i believe, the "L" has pins also, and the "ls400" is held on with just tape. for the front L, rear L, "lexus" and "ls400" costed me 150 from dealer, but i think you can get them off of ebay for much cheaper (just read the description carefully)
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