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is it possible for the Rx400 to Stall On a Highway

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I was aboard one of the first united flights for the 767 years ago. Just before landing everything "came apart". The pilots explanation was that he had to "reboot" the main passenger cabin processor just prior to landing.

Your Prius, or RX400h, has only ONE engine processor, of course its possible for it to "stall" at any time.

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the Prius instances were in 1st Generation Prius . The Hybrid Synergy drive differs from the Prius setup. Mainly because of the 2 electric motors for the AWD. Unlikely to happen in RX

"Hybrid Synergy Drive" is Toyota's name for the Hybrid system, its the name for the Hybrid system on the Prius and on the RX400h. The system is basically the same.

Like wwest said unless they remedied the problem I'd imagine the RX400h would have the same issue.

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