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The Free Mod Series - Part 5: How To Pick Up Mpg

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This ties along with FMS VI (and a later un-named article).

Your gas mileage could be great! It could even break the laws of physics... By sucking and blowing at the same damn time. But either way, we definitely need to increase it by any means possible. Gas is getting expensive...


Gas additives... All either use something to raise octane, clean the fuel system, or decrease the surface tension of the gas.

Why not use high octane? Because higher octane creates less power... It is *MORE* stable. The only reason to run HIGHER octane, is to be able to run MORE ignition advance than you could without facing detonation (pinging/pre-ignition, it's all the same)

Why not clean the fuel system? Because a $5 can of seafoam does that extremely well!

Let's decrease the surface tension of the gas!!!

This means several things:

It will pump slightly faster, and transfer/expel heat slightly faster. Both of those are so small, it's negligible.

It will atomize better when it leaves the fuel injector. Here's your gain folks!

Fuel will also break up better every time it hits the wall on the way to the combustion chamber (for that matter the valve too)


Mix acetone in a 2-5oz per 10 gallons of gas ratio.You'll have to find your sweet spot (mine is 3.5 in my 3vz-fe, 4.5 oz in the '99 4.6L f150 and 3 in mom's '02 maxima) We want 100% acetone (nail polish or real, the fragrance in nail polish doesn't bother us).

16 oz of nail polish commonly sells for $2.50. 32 oz of Acetone goes for $5-6.5, One Gallon $10.

Acetone doesn't eat away any part safe for gasoline. While being readily available, and cheap enough to pay for itself.

This lexus gained roughly 2 mpg from it. The F150 went from 17mph (avg) 19mpg (best ever seen) to 20mpg (avg) 22.5 (best ever seen). Mom's maxima went from getting 27 (avg) and 30 (when i drive it on long highway trips) to 31 (avg) and 35 (long trips)

If you only get 10% on 19mpg, that's an extra 35 mile range (5 miles more than the distance between your low fuel light coming on, and your ECU *BLEEP*ting your engine off before the fuel runs out) A gallon of acetone will pay for itself in a tank or two. Maybe faster. (someone on a forum reported a prius going from 44/47, to 55)

I challenge everyone to give acetone at least a 16 oz bottle's worth a try! That's the cost of only one gallon of gas in a lot of places now...


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Not a treatemant. All the time, or whenever you feel like it. Try it for a few tanks, then stop. You'll see it rising, then nose dive back to normal when you stop using it.

It simply improves atomization of the fuel charge.

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I've yet to see a problem.

If you look enough online, and can find someone very technically inclined (I ran across a chemist talking about it at some point) Anything gasoline safe, winds up being acetone safe.

It's a very low concentration. A few oz per 10 gallons. 512-1 at least, 250-1 at most.

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I don't need to look online. I know what we had to do in changing pump seals to a different material, and how much it cost Suit yourself, but my experience tells me that I would not recommend it. You got your opinion and I've got mine. The guy down the road working on his car under a shade tree also has his.

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