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Fog Lights.

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well on of my fog lights the light shattered somehow,dont know how. so now i need a new one. and ive talked to my uncle whos a dealer and her said it woud be much cheaper to get aftermarket lights. So i am jsut wondering if anyone knows any that woudl look good on an 1996 es300

also how would i go about changing it,do i need to get under the car to change the fog lights or through the blaack plastic grill or what.

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foglights on the 92-96ES have to be changed from underneath the bumper not thru the grill. theyre held on by 3 bolts and the electrical connector and youre done.

if you want to remove the foglight grill and clean it or whatever it is held on by a few bolts again reached from underneath the car and then the grill pulls straight out from the front.

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94-96 foglights are easy to remove/install. As mentioned above there are three bolts that hold them in place. You can get to them w/o lifting the car up, but it's easier if you can get under the front end. They are removed from behind the bumper. Just unbolt it and unhook it from the wiring harness and make the swap. The whle job shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes.

I would try Billy's Toyota & Lexus Parts in Alabama for a replacement. Just google them and you'll come up with a website and phone number. I have bought several things from them in the past and their prices are reasonable and their customer service is good.

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