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Oil Changes


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:blushing: I read this today on MSN. What do you guys think.

The old mantra of responsible motorists that said, "Change your oil every 3,000 miles!" is being replaced. Today car manufacturers' recommendations for oil changes range from 5,000 to 7,500, or even 10,000 miles for many cars when operated under "normal" driving conditions—more often if conditions are "severe."

Before you relax, let me point out that the way most of us drive is listed as severe by the automotive experts. According to the owner's manuals of many new cars and trucks, normal operation of a vehicle is at least 20 minutes, at a medium speed with a steady throttle, and in a clean environment.

That's the answer given by Don Beyer, automotive services director for AAA's Washington/Inland chapter. Beyer, an ASE master technician and former repair-shop owner, says that it is imperative to change the engine oil and filter every three months or 3,000 miles. "I'm doubtful that anyone, regardless of where they live, drives under the normal conditions defined in owner's manuals."

Bottom line: Don't push the limits of motor oil and flirt with damaging your car's engine, especially when chump change is all it takes for an oil change.

Your opions ....

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Bottom line: Don't push the limits of motor oil and flirt with damaging your car's engine, especially when chump change is all it takes for an oil change.

That's my thought exactly! In a $35 thousand (something) car, I'm not going to skimp out on the lousy $35.00 oil changes at regular and fairly frequent intervals. That's even with synth oil. It's just not worth it.
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RX manual says 7500 for normal conditions. I think most of us are following the 5000 mile severe schedule. Shouldn't your question be 5000 or 7500?

I agree. Anyone who pushes 3000 mile oil changes is either living in the past or has financial interest in an oil change shop. The bottom line is that if you think anything more than 3000 miles is too long, send a sample to get it analyzed. The results sheet will tell you whether you had more life left in the oil.

The auto guru at Popular Mechanics magazine recommends 5000-6000 mile change intervals using petroleum-based oil. My Corvette uses synthetic and includes an oil-life monitor. After one year (the maximum amount of time between oil changes as stated in the owner's manual) and 5500 miles, my oil life monitor indicates that there is still 20% life remaining. (This is based upon my particular driving habits)

My advice is to go by the manufacturer's recommendations for severe service and you won't go wrong.

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I've been changing my oil every 5K using synthetic, but it seems every body seems to have there own schedule about engine oil. Wanted to bust the myth and try to get some hard facts about the issue

Here is a fact finding about how long does Mobil 1 5w30 syn oil last.

Mobil 1 5w30

Shorter oil change interval may NOT be better:

Empiral data from Neptune's studies:

"While the wear metals all accumulated steadily over the course of the test, the highest concentrations of accumulation per mile occurred in the first 3,000 miles of the test! From the 3,000-mile mark all the way to 18,000 miles, only lead showed an increase in per-mile wear beyond 3,000 miles. Yet even with an increased wear rate, lead wore the least in terms of absolute wear. For iron and copper, the longer the oil remained in service, the lower the wear rate got.

In case it isn't obvious yet, this means that the most wear occurs in the first 3,000 miles."

"Engine wear actually decreases as oil ages. This has also been substantiated in testing conducted by Ford Motor Co. and ConocoPhillips, and reported in SAE Technical Paper 2003-01-3119. What this means is that compulsive oil changers are actually causing more engine wear than the people who let their engine's oil get some age on it."

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Im changing the oil in my 99 4runner at 1-year intervals. I use Amsoil 0-30 series 2000 oil. I even sent in my oil sample to an independent oil analysis a few times over the years, and it came back in good shape. TNB still good no noticable amounts of dirt ect..... I did change out my Amsoil oil filter at 6 months as they say to do. I only do about 12K per year.

I even did this with my 93 Accord with 130K on it---all was good up till the day I sold it for my 330:)

I really believe people have proven that 3K oil changes anymore are Worthless, the oil has improved so much over the years---its not needed

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