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Greddy Needs A Prototype Car

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Hello All,

My name is Charles and i am a manager at GReddy Performance Product, Inc.

( ) We are looking for a GS430 to prototype a strut tower bar for. The person that will allowus to do this would receive a production unit once we have them in in stock. Is you are interested in doing this and live in southern California, please call me at 949-588-8300 and i will explain in greater detail on this project. If chosen you would need to drive the vehicle to our Irvine office located at 9 Vanderbilt, Irvne, Ca.

Also, to be considered you must have your factory engine cover on.


Charles Shepherd

Mgr. Special Projects.


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Hi Charles


not seen you around for a while!

you ever get your Aston?

I have a GS430, with the engine cover still on - but I am in the UK, otherwise I would volunteer like a shot!

i am sorry about that. I have been very busy with the new job

As far as the Aston i'm planning on the new DB-9. It will do what i needt it to

How have you been? Great i hope..

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hey i got a 98 gs300 not a gs430 but i'm currently doing a 2jzgte swap along with the supra turbo tranny and rear end so if you have any need for a car like that i'm here...


We have all ready completed the bar for the 300. We just want to make sure that it will also fit the GS430 with the engine cover.

P.S. We still need the GS430.

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I have 2002 GS430 and I live in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.  Let me know if u still need a car.

If you want it YOU better call charles!! B)

yeah - Charles does check in pretty regularly - but I would give him a bell - make sure you stake your claim for the freebie! :D

His details are

Charles Shepherd

Mgr. Special Projects.


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