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  1. yeah kinda wierd but that licence plate i got when i got my gs300 idon't know if yall remember it was a white with a kit the pic should be on the profile but i want a costom plate for the sc200 with a 2jzgte i'm working on.... anyone know how to get one? like 2jzpower or something and howmany letters do they allow???
  2. What year is she? 97? It's beautiful! ← thanx it's a '99 si 5spd
  3. just bought a new car... daily driver... hey it gets like 30 mpg so it's good for now
  4. cool wheel but i liked this style but now i like stuff with a lip on it
  5. i don't understand things like this "we might offend someone" i guess we need to go back to making gummys into dots and squares instead of roadkill and make it a humdrum life... ps oh yeah i have run over a cat, squirrel, opossum, and 2 birds so far may they RIP
  6. ok i found it in the general section.... the plan was to block off the teacher parking lots, the student parking lots, and the doors on the buildings so in the morning people showed up and it would be gridlock at school in the morning... and it worked. my school is pretty leniant about that kind of stuff and lets it go on every year. the busses unloaded on the street in front of school, the students and teachers were driving around scratching their heads, and people had a problem getting to class. this all went on for about 3 hours since all the seniors went downtown to go get breakfast ps. i
  7. hey i got a 98 gs300 not a gs430 but i'm currently doing a 2jzgte swap along with the supra turbo tranny and rear end so if you have any need for a car like that i'm here...
  8. what do you all think? it involves my GS so here it is.....
  9. about the rotors i would recomend you go with the slotted rotors. this is because drilled rotors decrease the strength of the rotor with repeated heat cycles (the outside of the rotor gets hotter than the inside so they expand at different rates and the holes from the drilling is where cracks start) and with the slotted rotor you will get better braking performance but the pads will wear a little faster since the slots in the rotor will "freshen up" the pads as far as the brake pads i would go with project mu brake pads they have a wide selection of pads with all kinds of temp. ranges
  10. i have a 1998 GS300 and now i'm trying to put a 2jzgte in there with a automatic supra TT tranny with a automatic supra rear end. i was wondering if anyone has any info on the motor mounts or ecu wireing etc.... also for the ecu i will be using a AEM EMS so if that will change anything and will i need any more parts? other parts for the swap AEM EMS Tein springs blistin shocks HKS Super sequential Blow off valve Apexi World Sport Exhaust Electric water pump Zex wet nitrous kit Intake Hks head gasket us spec turbos 660cc injectors stock TT intercooler 3.5 bar map sensor supra 4 p
  11. oh this is getting done in a home garage so you know where to get manuals exept alldata?
  12. hey i was just wondering how many of us there are on this forum. i'm still working on my swap right now because the piston rings were bad on my motor. so far planned are 2jzgte w/tranny, AEM engine management, zex wet nitrous, tein springs with koni shocks, greddy BOV, greddy boost controller, apexi world sport exhaust, intake, downpipe (no cats), hks head gasket, arp head studs, all new misc gaskets and hoses, head shaved, new water pump and oil pump, 600cc injectors, and hopefully supra rear end... ok i think that's it in terms of performance mods but the boost comtroller isn't in yet. P
  13. hey i've been using nitrous on my gs300 for a while with a wet zex kit (130shot) with an apex-i safcII correcting fuel and a turbo timer reading a/f ratios if you have any questions e- mail me
  14. osaka is based out of canada and they send bad motors to EVERYBODY and they're in canada so us laws don't apply to them so it's hard to file a lawsuit. but if these places do screw you over you can just put in a complaint with the crediet card company saying that you didn't get the prodoct that you asked for. ( a motor with bad compression is not what you bought so therefore it's not the right product...) PS> osaka has put countless distributors out of buisness because of their bad motors.
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