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"locked In"- Nobody Can Get Me Out! "help"


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My 1992 SC400 has the best of me..Key will not open either door..Have checked all fuses. Sat here and went thru the whole owners manual. The drivers door actuator seems not to swing all the way open...My wife has a key(she's on the outside) and she cannot get it to unlock the doors.....Can I/her disable something so the key will work.. The key turns both directions, I can here the door actuator!

I spent most of the day, reading any post regarding "Key will not unlock EITHER door,and inside passenger door handle does not open that door. I have searched back to Augest, using search, with any number of combinations describing my issue. And previous post, with no results. I appreciate SK's suggestions, and after reading pages of his previous posts/advice..I surley don't know how he missed mine the first time..This is my first Lexus- not my first car club w/forum. Quick draw! I find it hard to believe that both doors cannot be opened with a working key that turns in both directions and activates (maybe)the door actuator..not fully however.God forbid, I leave my grandson inside and my battery goes dead for one reason or another. As I stated in my first post the passenger door will not open from in or out.((broken part) The drivers door works from inside only..The key just doesn't by pass the system.

Thanks JD. Sounds like a good next move.

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