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Iacv Fix But Possible Blown Head Gaskit


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I finally found my IACV after removing the throttle position sensor and every other sensor around the throttle body. Thanks for the fix tips. It seems though that after running rich on startup for so long that my plugs got fouled (carbon buildup and hesitating while idling and reving). I guess i'll change to iridiums.

One of my plugs however looks a bit suspect to me. post-2148-1105816893_thumb.jpg

This looks to me like my head gaskit is damaged around this plug. That would explain my radiator water loss and intermittent white smoke from exhaust...would it??

My mechanic told me that there is no sign of a blown head gaskit though so i need your ideas!!!

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easy way to find out:

1. pressure test the coolant system with this plug out. If there is a head gasket leak into this cylinder as you suspect, the pressure test on the coolant system should fail if the plug is not installed.

2. reverse pressure test. Remove the radiator cap. Now, with a rubber nozzle on a compressed air pump hose, blow air into the cylinder. If the air bubbles out the radiator cap got yourself a leak in the head gasket.

3. do a compression test on the cylinder itself, see if it matched the other cylinders.


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