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Mud Flaps For Gs300?

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On my black 2001 GS300 with chrome wheels, I was wondering what it would look like to have rear mud flaps (small ones like the Camry). Sure seems it could use the protection there when I wash it. Lexus doesn't make one and I have never seen one with them. Would adding mud flaps be sacriligious? Has anyone done this?

Speaking of sacrilege, has anyone found a good cloth seat cover for the GS300? Mine didn't come with heated seats and it's been damn cold around here.

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I added mudflaps to both my previous 90 LS and my current 00 LS. The first ones came from a Lexus dealer in London (they were not available in the U.S. until 1991) and I bought a set for my 00 LS from Metro Toyota/Lexus in Victoria, BC - real close to Kirkland! Mudflaps were removed from the Lexus accessory catalog several years ago according to my local Lexus dealer. I don't know if mudflaps are available for the GS - give Metro a call or send them an e-mail for a quote. They offer fast service, discounts from retail and are licensed to ship directly to the U.S. I usually deal with Paul in their parts department.

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mud flaps on a lexus? thats hideous.  :lol:


Actually, the mudflaps Toyota supplies for Lexus cars are barely noticable and really help reduce tar buildup and damage from rocks and paint spills. Photos of how muds look on my 2000 LS are in my gallary.

Mudflaps were standard on LS400's in some markets outside North America. I don't remember seeing any LS400 in the U.K. or Europe without them. A couple of nights ago on BBC TV I saw a U.K. spec LS430 with molded color keyed mudflaps - looked very nice.

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