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1st Gen Ls400 Window Broken Switches


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I'm sure a lot of you guys ran into the same problem with the 1st gen ls400 broken window switches. my master window switch (driver side control) has 2 broken off buttons: door lock and passenger window.

my question is are the older ES250's (1st gen es's) switches the same as the LS400's?

they look the same and i seen alot of them on ebay. they are much cheaper to replace too.


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if its just the toggle switches that the plastic ring that the metal rod runs through is broken off, i can tell u how to fix that for about 5 bucks

just take the switch assembly apart, unscrewing the little phillips screws on the back of the unit

then u will see a small metal rod that holds the toggle switches in place (it runs through small small plastic holes in the actual plastic switch) what happens is the plastic rings break, you need to fabricate a new ring to hold the rod in place

you need to get a small electrical O-ring connector, take your wire cutters and snip off the wire connecting end, so all you are left with is the small metal O-ring from the connector..

after you have your ring, scuff up the plastic toggle switch where the broken off plastic ring was, clean it thoroughly, then mix up some JB weld and use it to connect your new metal O-ring to the assembly

let dry, slide the rod back in..........and your all set.

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And if I am not mistaken, they are also the same as the ones in the Toyota Camry. If I recall, the power window switches in my old 1993 Camry LE V6, were identical to the ones in my old 1990 LS400.

Yes they are!  I have one out of an ES250 in my 92 LS right now.

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