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Soleniod Pic ?


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I'm going to clean the screen on the solenoid today. Does anyone have a pic they can post ? I did a search and there were a couple of links but they didn't work.

On the rack, there's a large hex (1" + in diameter) plug on the drivers side. Is this what everyone is chiseling off to get to the screen ?



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Excellent, thanks... now I know what I'm looking for. For those that have done it, do you remove the soleniod while under the car ? Is it on the bottom of the PS

pump or on the rack itself ? Couldn't really tell from the pic but at least I know that I'm looking for a red/white wire.


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My website is Lex L S dot com, that's how you say it at least.

I don't have a tutorial for cleaning this yet but it is on my to do list. It's going to be this spring probably...starting to feel like winter in Minnesota now ;) . Great link 99lsguy.

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