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Hey Chicago!


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Headed to Chicago in a couple weeks to buy a GenIII 400, most of which seem to be on dealer's lots. That bein' the case, I can't really drag a prospective car off to another mechanic for a close look under the pretty exterior, so it seems I'm stuck with trusting a dealer (arrrgh!) on his service department's assessment of the vehicle's condition beyond the obvious flaws. Who in the Chicago area ya gonna trust? I'm afraid I don't trust any of 'em; they're in business to move those wheels off the lot, and the further they can get a beater from town the better! So who would you recommend (besides staying home)? :wacko:

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My neighbor across the street both purchased our 98 LS 400s from the same Lexus dealer in Westmont (Chicago burb). I think it really depends on the sales person you are dealing with. I would agree that they really want to move cars but the sales person we had was awesome. He was not pushy and there was not a lot of haggling with price. The dealership treated us pretty good. It was McGrath Lexus in Westmont. Just my own two ceents.

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