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  1. I have a 98 LS 400 Ihave had a somewhat low brake pedal on it for sometime now. It stops fine ,it has new pads all the way around and new rear calipers, The brake fluid is clean and bleed properly, If I clap off all 4 rubber lines the pedal is rock hard and if I take off the clamps one at a time it goes down the same each wheel. I would just like the pedal a little higher and harder. The car has 145,000 miles and is perfect shape! Very well maintained Thanks, Jeff
  2. I have a 98 LS 400 with 145,000 miles Igrt 21MPG around town 27 - 28 highway @ 75-80 MPH With a/c on
  3. I replaced my starter @80,000 miles $755.00 at the dealer.
  4. Sounds like a timming belt.
  5. Check the third brake light bulb, that's what it was on my 98
  6. I just had the rust taken care of on my 98 (very small spots both sides) $925.00 looks great now. they undercoated it and said it will last for years. I had it done on another care with great results!
  7. Hello is anybody out there?
  8. I would like to install a Sirius radio in the ashtray area in my 98 LS400. What is the best way to remove the ashtray and the ashtray door to run the wires and install the unit?
  9. Go to IRONTOAD and get them for $49.95 an axel. OE is the only way to go!!
  10. The rear lights are common with a pinched wire by the trunk hinge, there are posts that talk about this trouble
  11. It comes on when you have low battery voltage, The voltage should be around 13.9 to 14.3 volts check with the car running at the battery.If it is low I would check the alternator...
  12. Try calling Crystal Lake Pit Stop 815-455-1300 They have F&R rotors that are as good as OEM and pads to match very good prices. I have them on my 98 LS with NO problems after 35000...
  13. Bank 1 is the drivers side sensor 2 is the sensor after the converter
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