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  1. I Just Get A "click" On Start Up

    Hey Billy, My 2000 LS has the same "click", multiple key twist issues, and eventually the starter twists and the engine fires off perfectly. Ever come up with a solution to your problem? Flated
  2. C&d Road Test Report

    Back in Nov. of '99, Car and Driver did a road test on an LS400, probably a 2000 I'd guess. Anybody got a copy? I checked C&D but the couldn't do me any good. If you could post it on this site with their permission there would be a lot of interest, I 'spect. Thanks.
  3. After no luck checking tutorials, can anybody help with suggestions on replacing a headlight bulb on a GenIII? My son is picking up a Lex half a continent away with a bad bulb and then driving it home. Any tricks on disassembly to get at the bulb? Thanks!
  4. Anyone know how octane requirements might relate to altitude? Sure, less O2 means squeaking by with a lower rating. Much of our driving in the Rockies is at 5000', and with my old iron lower octanes run fine, even in my '66 Goat at 10.75 compression. I'd guess 91 would work ok with a GenIII V8, if a switch was made to better stuff should one venture down into the flatlands. I'm used to tuning to a ping, but this modern technology renders my medieval techniques less than appropriate! Thanks.
  5. Wonder what percentage of our cars are still capable of the sub 7 second 0-60 and 15 second quarter miles? Were these numbers from a Car and Driver test with a rigged ringer LS like the '64 GTO tests, or do many of our cars still have the muscle to pull these numbers. I know mileage and time take their toll, but it sounds like many of us are living with very comfortable but doggy performance from the posts. Does yours still RUN? Thanks!
  6. An Inexpensive Code Reader?

    Talkin' about a 2000 year!
  7. Anybody have recommendations on a relatively inexpensive code reader for a LS400? I'm way out in the sticks, without access to AutoZone or anyone other than pro mechanics. Thanks!
  8. Hey Chicago!

    Headed to Chicago in a couple weeks to buy a GenIII 400, most of which seem to be on dealer's lots. That bein' the case, I can't really drag a prospective car off to another mechanic for a close look under the pretty exterior, so it seems I'm stuck with trusting a dealer (arrrgh!) on his service department's assessment of the vehicle's condition beyond the obvious flaws. Who in the Chicago area ya gonna trust? I'm afraid I don't trust any of 'em; they're in business to move those wheels off the lot, and the further they can get a beater from town the better! So who would you recommend (besides staying home)?
  9. We're considering shopping for a GenIII 400 with about 60k, and live 500 miles from the nearest dealer. I'd like to think that it would run another 100k without nasty mechanical fractures. One serious problem is that the Mama is hell on squeeks and rattles (our reason to consider Lexus). I know they're quiet as new cars, but how silent are your 150-220k darlings? If it rattles, you know who has to dive into the dash or body panels, which is scary on such a nice, finished auto. On another thought, how many feet (miles?) of copper wire does a GenIII carry? Thanks, Ted
  10. Were there any outstanding improvements in the VSC, Trac and Advanced Brake Assist systems from 98-2000 on the LS 400's? Looks like things began in 98 with VSC (or maybe Trac) as an option, and became standard by 2000 with the ABA included. I live in snow country and am shopping for a late 400. Thanks!
  11. We're going shopping for a late LS400, and live in some wintry high desert in Wyoming. Looks like SNOW MODE would be important to have in the traction management system, otherwise driving might be as scary as my old '59 Thunderbird. ( WHOA NELLY!) When did this SNOW option become available, how common was it and did it become standard on these cars after a certain year?