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O2 Sensor Help


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My 94 es300 has 135k on the clock and the mil code is P0135 (o2 bank 1 sensor 1). I searched and found this thread where after the o2 sensor was replaced, the egr threw a code.

I haven't taken the o2 sensor off yet, or cleaned the EGR. What is the most cost effective method to alleviate my problem?

Should I clean the EGR passages first? Or should I test the o2 sensors resistance? I don't want to buy a new sensor if I don't have to. Thanks :)


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do a google search on motorvac to find shops in your area that offer the service.

you can pull the ecu fuse, but this is only treating the symptom and not the cause.

The light will come back on if you done fix what triggers the light in the first place.


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