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I Have A Question And Need Advice

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My question is what size rims come stock on a 2000 es300?

What size would look good and fit on a white and (brown?) two-tone stock color 2000 es300?

Also what rim brand and what rims would look nice?

What size could i get without having to change anything else like suspenion and the body?

What tires would i also need with these rims?

About how much would they cost to buy and get them installed?

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why don't you just go to les schwab or discount tire and use their tire simulator computer thingy. you choose your car, then choose what rims/tires you want and it does it all in front of you so you can see what it looks like. then a sales guy can tell you how much it will cost.

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Not 100% sure about Canadian 97 - 99 ES models.....but the 97 - 99 ES in the U.S. came standard with 15" wheels & tires (205 65 15) with optional 16" wheel & tire package (in the 205 60 16 size from the factory) so I assume the Canadian ES models are simular. I know all 2000 & 2001 Canadian ES came with just the 16 wheels & tires but as I said....not 100% sure of years 97 - 99. B) Mighty, your stock wheels should be the 205 60 16 size, so check tirerack for all optional wheel & tire size upgrades. :)


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