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Really Big Concern!


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I've noticed recently that when I turn my car on I'll hear noise coming out of my rear end...and it's not me parting. Haha...tried to make a funny...ok, anyway...

It sounds as if my mufflers or exhaust somewhere in the rear is "gurgling" and making little shaky and bumpy noises then it kinda just quiets down on its own and it only happens after I turn on my car.

I'm considering getting JIC-Magic's Titanium or Stainless Steel catback exhaust system. I'm not sure how a catback exhaust system works but Lextreme has told me that the stock LS 400 exhaust system is extremely restrictive. I'm not sure if this sound I'm hearing in the rear of my LS is coming from it or not.

Any ideas? Please help! I need to know if I need to fix it now.

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I would run the car up on ramps, crawl under it and do a look/see. It might just be that one of the exhaust pipes is hitting something. I also think there is a small drain on the mufflers which might be holding water from condensation. Sometimes you can see a lot with a little looking.

These exhaust systems will probably last forever. Mine looks perfect with any rust anywhere on the system

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several months ago I also hear the same thing from my 91LS, I think what it is and you will have to start the car and get into the back seat, but its coming from the fuel tank, what I think it is again, is the fuel return line is draining when the car is off and air is being pushed out when you first start up. it goes away after a couple of minutes of starting. It's one of those things that will drive you nuts. my car hasn't made that noise again, that or i'm just tuning it out, i'll have to check when I drive the car this weekend.

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