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  1. It didn't make a difference on my LS. On my Jeep wrangeler with a 4 cyl, it gets 4-5mpg better. anyware form 18-20mpg. This is with 31" tires and 4.56 gears. I think the it works best on a vehicle that always has the trottle wide open, our LS always are just barely cracked open when cruising I work in the copper industry, mainly around the acid plant part of it, so I get to see a lot of stainless steel. The tornado is not cheaply build and like a soda can. It's been a while since i've looked into this forum, but some of you guys need to learn to be a little more tacful in your opinons
  2. there is another set of trottle blades in your intake, it's more like a choke. if you look where your trottle cable hooks up you will see another TPS a few inches to the driver side of it. If you check your engine codes (hook up te1 and e1 on top of manifold) you should get a code 41, loss of TPS signal. If you did notice when it did happen, your check engine light was on, correct??? Just pull over and let the light go off the next time it happens, then continue on your way. my 91 will do the same thing on cold mornings, and i'm about to remove or disable the darn thing.
  3. I'm going to give you guys a piece of advise, so you can take it anyway you like it. One of the main reasons I purchased my ls (besides wanting one) is I'm a competition shooter (pistols, mainly revolvers) and driving in Pheonix in a jeep with no a/c really sucks, or any sort of distance also really sucks in it. So basically when i'm in the car I have 2 to 3 guns in the trunk, and anyware from 300 to 1000 rnd of bullets with them. All this plus the gun in the glovebox. The one thing I do is make sure I don't get into any type of altercaton with other drivers on the road. I know what i'm
  4. yes you can us unoxygenated fuel, the bad thing about oxygentaed fuel is it attacks seals, and hoses that arn't made to handle the fuel.
  5. should have answered this on my last post. This is the easiest way to tell if your system has been converted to r-134. On the low pressure port where you put refrigerant in (on the passenger side, back of the fire wall) if it is r-12 the the hook up point will be a screw on hook up. If it is converted, then it will be a quick connect fitting.
  6. you can't put r-134 unless the system has already been converted. The r-134 guages will not go onto the r-12 fittings, unless the adapters have been installed. You need to go back to the shop and make sure they use the right type of refrigerant if your not sure.
  7. Yes it can. yesterday while I was driving back from California, my alternator went out someware between Phoenix and the NM border, and my battery went out about 60 miles from my home. The real *BLEEP*ty part is that battery light never came on untill it was to late. Right new the car has a new battery in it and the alternator is not charging and there is no indication that there is no poblem. The lexus is designed very well, but whoever designed the insturment panel wiring and put the alternator under the PS pump should be taken out back and beaten with a 2x4
  8. sounds like your tires might be taller than the factor origianls
  9. I think the name of the insurance company is "Ga Farm Bureau"
  10. maybe you need a new bucket of amps??? Make sure that your battery is charged up and let the car sit for a couplce of days. Then pull the negative side off the battery and slowly put the clamp back on. If you see a spark jump, then you have a current draw someware in your car, all you can do is start searching for the source. you can do it any time, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th day etc.
  11. two days ago I recieved my order from tirerack, a set of Kazera KZ-A, 18x8.5 front, 18x9.5 in the rear. The tires I got are BFGoodrich g-force T/A KDW2, 235/40YR18 front and 255/35YR18 in the rear. I had read some earlier forums on the 18 inch and how bad they ride, and the only thing I could tell was that I could feel every crack on the road being transmitted tru the wheel, as far as bumps, railroad tracks etc, do difference, and the car will really corner now. My old set of Comp T/A's got a little over 65000 miles on them which is unreal considering they are ZW rated tires. If I can eve
  12. Hey silvermate, I actually know the guy who thought up and developed MSD, his name is John Clark and he's a engineer who works for Autotronics, the company that makes MSD ignitions and also races cars out here in southwest New Mexico, He lives in El Paso, TX. I'm not sure how compatable the msd box is, the LS has basically two coil pack too increase the dwell time for each firing of each plug. You also might need to get to 6a boxes, and set them up in 4 cyl mode to work with the LS system, thats why the LS has two distributers. Next time I run across John, I'll ask him if they have eve
  13. I have a buddy who loves Mercs, especially the AMG's. When I first showed up with my LS, his comment was "real nice car" and the one fact he really likes about Lexus is that they forced the rest of the luxury car market to start making quality cars and stop relying on there name alone for the high prices they demanded in the early 90's. even today Lexus still sets the mark to Europe to follow, Stay with the Lexus. The one thing I wish lexus/Toyota would do is stop making the lexus line look like a toyota with a lexus badge, That's why I like the Gen I ls400, they don't look like a bigger ca
  14. Real good write up I noticed that the 91's are the only cars with crome exhaust tips, is this true. also how about putting in the top speeds (limited too), I know the Gen I are faster than the later cars.
  15. Stay away from GSA auctions, there might be good vehicle's their, but the people don't know how to keep the prices down when they are bidding on them. I used to work for a car hauler, who had a dealer's licence, and have seen $3000 cars go for $7-8000, because people don't know what they are buying. The greatest example of this is the Barrett-Jackson, just stupid rich people paying $120,000 for a 55 chevy, makes everyone with a 55 think there car is now worth that amount.
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