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Sc300: Catback Exhaust


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Hey guys, I really want to change the look of my stock exhaust and maybe gain a little power as well. Please no replys about "its not worth it" or "your an idiot". I just want some good info on some different catback choices I have. Also a place to purchase them and pics would help. And do supra catbacks fit sc's?


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I'm sure your search button works, but anyway, yes supra exhausts work, but why buy two to get the "dual" look? And a supra exhaust is usually 3 inches or more and I'm sure your car doesn't need 3 or more so that is the end of that. As for sc exhausts, yes, they are excellent, but save some money just as I tell everyone else and do some research. You will find that going to a exhaust shop and getting them to make you pipe and buying a muffler yourself will save you about $600. Trust me. Any "real" sport car has custom exhaust. For instance, my exhaust is 3 inch to the "y" and 2.5 inch to the mufflers which are magnaflow. All for $280. Including pipe, mufflers, and install. Why pay for the name when going custom is just as good or better. Pipe is pipe and there is no major difference other than what it's made of, mine is not the "304" stainless that HKS offers , but I could have got it for another $80, but you can't see the pipe for one and two, mine is a mix of stainless and something else that won't rust. As for mufflers, you can get anything you want, I would suggest summit or something along those lines. My magnaflows sound great, not to mention I don't have any cats what so ever, and 3 inch pipe all the way to the turbo, but summit has great sounding mufflers also. A guy here in Austin has a 800whp sc300 with summit mufflers and it sounds great. So...end of lesson. Good luck.

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If you plan to get a turbo kit soon or later, then you might want to get 3 inch pipe just to save some money in the long run. I don't know how the 3 inch pipe will perform on an N/A motor with little to nothing done vs. 2.5 inch to 2.75 inch greddy exhaust for the SC. But, I'm sure you will like it, and try going with the 3 inch it will definetly help. You can always see if the shop will cut off your cat and do a straight pipe there and install a o2 sim. Not having any cats always boosts power also. Good luck.

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