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Brake Question


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I'm thinking of replacing my rotors and pads. I did decide on the Brembo slottet rotors but having a hard time deciding on the pads.

Does anyone have a suggestion or experience? Which one would be the best to use with Brembo? Composite? ceramic?

Any comments would be highly appreciated.

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If i'm correct... i believe Lexus recommends Ceramic pads. I would probably get OEM pads from "www.irontoad.com" which are Ceramic.

But if you don't go for OEM... i think CERAMIC pads are good. But that's just my opinion.

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Yea, just go with Ceramic pads. You can't go wrong with what Factory suggests you to get. Some pad's however will eat up your rotors. So go with Ceramic. N like what Bicol said... you won't get much brake dust with Ceramic.

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