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  1. Did you get rid of that ECU yet? I still have it. I'll take it if you still have it. I guess i do not have enough posts to use the message feature. Send me e-mail to gradus33@hotmail.com
  2. Did you get rid of that ECU yet? I still have it.
  3. You can have it for the price of shipping
  4. Part number is 89661-50302
  5. I have 96 LS400 ECU that has been reconditioned to fix common stalling issue. Make me an offer and it's yours.
  6. Hi everyone, I've been out for a while. Does anyone know, besides ebay, where to get replacement for center console armrest for 96 ls400? The leather is all cracked on mine...or maybe there are places that can do new leather on it? Some part places wants over $900 which is outrageous. Thanx
  7. I have extra ECU from 96LS. Let me know if anyone interested. It was upgraded and it does not have any problems.
  8. I have engine ECU for 1996 LS that I don't need anymore. I upgraded its software to fix idling, jerking and so on issues. Its in very good cosmetic and working condition right now and it is came from california model (upgraded to all states model). If anybody interested PM or it will go on ebay. Thanx
  9. License plate holders seems to be ok....well worth $10 listed :D
  10. Congrats!!! First thing I would do is take it to Lexus dealer and let them check it out completely. It would cost you $100-120 which is well worth it plus you will get to drive a nice loaner for a day. After dealer will tell you what needs to be done (if any), take the car to a good independant mechanic and fix it. Thats all there is to it. If the car drives well, there most likely nothing wrong with it exept some normal wear items. Good luck!
  11. Why is it so amazing?? Any car with proper care and maintanence should last you that long. I had a Grand Prix back in 1990 that went over 200k with no problem. There is no reason Lexus will not do more than that. Just take care of it and it will take care of you - very simple circle of life!
  12. Amsoil is very high density oil that I use for my motorcycle. As far as LS concern, I always use Castrol Syntec blend and go with factory recomended grade (5W-30). It works great for me....but its just my personal prefference. I wouldn't try to have any car run more than 5k on any type of oil or filter - syntetic or not. I think LS was engineered by very smart people...why would I want to test their knowledge?? Again....my personal opinion.
  13. Your ac filter should be behind glovebox. Just read your owners manual - it should say location and how to change it (no tools required and it should take you 5 min.). You don't want to put anything besides OEM in there. Aftermarket filters are cheaper, but also smell pretty bad and don't last long.
  14. What kind of sound you are talking about? Is it when you turn the ignition, or is it when it runs? Can you please explain? I changed my plugs and wires around 97k and they were in great shape still.
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