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Got My New Torque Converter In Today.. **pics**

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Hey guys, I got my Precision Industries High Speed Torque Converter today.. Man I'm excited to get this thing installed.. I took some pics for some of you guys who and never seen one before.. Now all I need is a silver/polished radiator and a silver/polished tranny cooler and then everything can be installed at once.. Well, here are the pics..

First is of the box....


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Nice Sypher,...... she's real, uh,....purty! ;)

just teasin, ain't never seen one quite that shade before, but I have heard of Precision Industries before. Should really make the car wake up off the line if it's any kind of pooch like my Acura 225 hp straight 6 with automatic.

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If you don't mind me asking...how much from start to finish does this cost? Where do you have the installation done? Looks good.

Well, I figure around $1,400. That's from the phone call ordering the TC to the time you drive your Lexus out of the shop... It's a direct swap from the stock so you can most likely have any tranny shop do it for you or maybe even Lexus service.. But I'd advise you to have a tranny shop..

Joe, as soon as I install this sucker I'll post what I feel..

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