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  1. Matt, Thank you.. And ofcourse I'll have to add to the new GS. Nothing is better left alone.. :D SK, you wanna buy my 02 GS? 30 grand and it's yours.. So that means all you pay for is the Mods you get the car for free..
  2. What's up guys?? I'm still with you alive and kicking.. My business just has me tied up and I don't have that much time anymore like I used to.. Things are going great right now and I'm about to get my new 06 GS430 in a couple of weeks.. So how have you guys been??
  3. Here arte a few updated shots of the truck posted before.. If you look closely, you'll see that I had the extras painted chameleon..
  4. LOL.. Sounds Like your getting everything together now... That's great.. And it's about time you finally got those bulbs.. I was thinking about going OEM again but I couldn't, I like the color of the 6000K so much better.. Enough about what I like, hurry up and install them so you can show off some more... B) :D ;)
  5. Both White and Amber fogs have reflectors inside.. It's just that the white fogs have clear lenses and the Amber fogs have a yellowish lens inside...
  6. John, you know just as well as I do you have a simply amazing car there.. It looks great slammed like that.. I wish I could do that...
  7. Don't do it with a +15.. You can get away with different kinds of offsets other than what you said.. Like with me I have a +42 up front with a +47 in the rear.. And imo it's perfect, maybe too aggressive for some people but that's how we do things out in Syphville.. You can run a +32 to a +47 with no problems.. I've seen other people get other offsets but if you stay within those parameters atleast you know you'll have no worries..
  8. With coilovers you'll be best off going with the Tein "CS".. Out of all the coilovers I know about they will offer you the closest to factory ride.. Now usually when you go with coilovers you always sacrifice ride quality for stability in and out of corners but with those Teins you'll be pretty smooth. I've had other brands of coilovers before on other cars and even with the Flex I was blown away on how they weren't harsh riding..
  9. No, they actually have a yellow lens inside.. With regular 9006 bulbs...
  10. Good.. And now with the 255's in the rear it'll be wider and semi staggered..
  11. It's either 4100 or 4300.. I can't remember which one it is...
  12. Aftermarket... Philips 6000K hid's.. In both headlights and fogs..
  13. check it, I just remembered that you said that you only put the front tires on.. Bring back the 2 tires that aren't mounted and get 245/35's.. The put those on the front and switch the other ones to the rear..
  14. The rear you should be fine.. If you would have asked me first before you went ahead and got your tires I would have told you to get 245/35 instead of 255's.. I used to have 255's and the rubbed when I would turn hard.
  15. The rearend.. Checkout the clear lights..
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