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  1. steve where do i go to see in your web-site and how much it will cost? do you have one your self? can i do it myself or it have to be audio dealer install product. thank you
  2. any one ever use video nav web-site. can you guys tell me how good it work on nav lexus gs monitor. thank joey2time
  3. nice wax job. awsome looking car. very clean ride!!!!!
  4. Hi odddood do you know how to program the master key? thank you joey2time
  5. Hi Mrsypher do you know how to program the key? can you show me how to do it. dealer said they will charge $100 to program the key. If you can help. thank you Mrsypher. joey2time
  6. yes, I have another master key. can I program the key myself? or do I have to go to the dealership to get program?
  7. hey you guys I need help. I 98GS400 my wife purse just been stolen and my gs400 key is in her purse. so my question is can any gs400 key work on my car or it need to be a blank gs400 key. can I program any key on my car? any help it will be great. thank you joey2time HYQ1512V
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