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  1. sorry, 1998. but i already figured it out and replaced old covers with brand new two tone leather covers. thanks anyway, i did a little exploring and found 4 bolts under the plastic covers.
  2. hey guys its been a while since i've been in here. love the update to the site. anyhow i was wondering how to remove the front seats from my gs300. i will be replacing the leather on the seats but i have to first get the seats out. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks a lot.
  3. last call to all interested parties. the last day to place your order is on friday the 20th of august. at least 10 people already in. that means free installation kit thrown in already.
  4. i did a little research on this subject and came to the conclusion that this is actually normal. i hear it often and it worried me for a long time. if you look at your owners manual it even mentions this clanking noise coming from the brakes when you first tap on them. it also happens even after a longer period of driving so try not to worry. btw i have a 98 gs300 also.
  5. august 13 is the last day to join if anyone is interested. well over 20 people currently participating. great price and options
  6. theres actually a group buy going on at you might want to check it out. price is exceptionally good
  7. hello all i have some news for all members interested in buying a custom leather interior for their gs 300/400. i was on club lexus and found that is having a group buy the more people that jooin the gb the cheaper the kit. i think right now its down to 7 or800 dollars. with 10 more people price will drop even further. just trying to help fellow members.
  8. i, just like you bought my 98 gs 3 at the age of 18 last year (1yr and loving it). so far on a monthly basis i only pay 150.00 a month to my dad since im on his insurance. the more cars you have on your plan the lower your rates. this payment is by the way full coverage. but yeah my parents did help me by putting my dad as primary driver. so good luck and congrats.
  9. actually yes i did get it from him and i did email him but he hasnt responded at all. if any one has any input or can help i would appreciate it thanks
  10. i have a 10 disc mp3 changer working off an fm modulator but i may get rid of it since im going to have the stock changer puy in. pm me if interested.
  11. i came across a little problem with the install of the stock cd changer on my 98 gs 300. i bought the wire from a member here on loc since my stereo didint come prewired, so i used the wire and tried to install the changer everything went ok until i played a cd. the changer read the cd but no sound came out. none at all.all functions worked but the music wasnt coming out of the speakers. a little help, anybody? thanks.
  12. mr sypher what number bulbs are your daytime running lamps?
  13. mr sypher have you installed the tc yet? if so how happy are you with it? i was thinking of getting one also but have noclue about what else is needed to complete the installation. any tip or advise? thanks.
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