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  1. yup, he's right. I just read the K&N site as a reference and they mention that they have CARB for their various modified intake products. (a filter alone would not need CARB of course, but I guess the "non stock" filters and modified intake does need CARB certification)
  2. Sounds very odd to me man. I've not heard of any transmission mileage problems on the GS or the LS. Now, I DID hear about some minor problems from a guy with a supercharged GS400! :) ....but that's a different story. Those cases sound really out of the ordinary.
  3. I'm kinda guessing here based upon the verbage "open element", but I believe she's referring to the "intake filter" as opposed to the actual intake manifold. The manifold would certainly have to be CARB approved to be legit, but, I 'believe' that any of the aftermarket air filter's and their cool piping to the throttle body are OK. I did not think that the parts forward of the throttle body were part of the visual check or the certification requirement.
  4. I purchased a PI torque converter recently for my 99 GS400. I'm thinking about buying a Service Manual and just doing the darn thing myself with the help of some friends. My question is, Is this going to be much different than doing the same thing on say,...a Chevy or a Ford? Sure, there's some electronics here, but, I was viewing that as probably being an unpluggable harness or connector. (or 2 or 3) I've done a handful of TC replacements on older muscle-cars, done head swaps, carbs, intakes, and one main bearing replacement on a 327. I think they call for 6.5 hrs of work for the TC ins
  5. it didn't sound like you actually called the DOT which I would highly recomend you do. Most states do allow you to do a "license plate" search for a very small fee. $20 or less. Even if all you get is a NAME, that will be a huge extra bit of info over the license plate. Post back what you find out. Other than that, it sounds like you need a friend of a friend of a friend in law enforcement. ;)
  6. I dunno. I need to chat with him! maybe work has him busy....or more house mods!
  7. the sound you describe sounds like the noise made by the anti-lock checking feature. Not anti-lock engagement,....just a check that is done the first time you touch brakes after firing up the car I believe. Start keeping mental track as to whether this is the case.........I have heard of many that do it. (and mine does as well)
  8. that bushing you referenced is kind of like a lower stiffening brace. you can find lots of info on it at I believe that the balancing that they do to our rims/tires is usually at 35-60mph and that's it.... anyway, that bracing arm is about 12" long or so and I believe it's around $100 at the dealer. (unsure if that's each, or for two)
  9. yes there is a fix and now I challenge you to try the search feature. :) for many, and this is from a very recent thread, there is a bushing on a part of the front suspension (radial arm?) that can wear out. try new ones for around $100 and a few hours of your time.
  10. I don't believe a limo qualifies as a "passenger vehicle" under the laws. It takes a different license (cdl?) and doesn't apply to the tint law I believe.
  11. anyone seen my kitty? heeerrrrrrre Mercury!!! c'mere boy!!!! :whistles: :whistles: :whistles:
  12. GooGone available at walmart, home depot, ACE hardware, etc....... I guarantee it will not hurt the paint.
  13. MY guess is that there's a good possibility that you simply need a front end alignment and that the REAR tires look that way because the previous owner ROTATED the tires front to back and didn't fix the real problem! Some cars these days have a bit uneven wear on the inside like you see because that negative camber helps in cornering......BUT, I doubt your car should be THAT bad! :) I'd say, get the tires replaced since you'll have to do it anyway. You should also get the car aligned. Some shops like Firestone, Goodyear, etc, maybe even ProCare all say they offer 4-wheel alignments too.
  14. I'm not going to be much help, but, I recently bought a 99GS400 and I too noticed about an $8000 spread or so. The only options that I was aware of were the "sport rims", then there's some chrome rim options (which I have), there's the Nakamichi Stereo option, the HID headlights (option?) and the Navigation system. (cannot get Nav with Nakamichi) Heated Seats are an option somewhere in there too, but some of these things were probably "bundled". Rear Spoiler was an option as well. The difference that I noticed weren't just in the options, but moreso in the vehicles location, mileag
  15. So, let's make this really informative and someone tell us just what the ECU does when the ECT is set to Power! :) ie. If I should ever find myself in a race,...errrr. I mean, passing a Semi,.......and I'm in the "auto" mode, does the ECT help me? What if I go to Manual mode on the shifter? Does ECT operate the same there?
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