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Es 300 1992 Engine Mounts

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The local Jiffy Lube informed me that my 'engine' moves excessively and that the engine mounts need to be changed. MY 1992 Lexus (bought last week) has 100K on it. I do not notice any engine shudder when I drive the car.

Is this a vaild opinion? Can I just tighten the mounts or do I need to have them replaced?


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since Jiffy Lube is not in the business of selling motor mounts, I don't think it is a "by the way, while we are under there, we noticed that.......we could replace that at the same time as.....blah blah blah.

Just as I tell my patients, always get a second opinion. Take it to a qualified mechanic or Lexus certified service center. The diagnostic cost will sometimes be deducted from the total cost of the repair if you have the work done by the garage that did the diagnostic, BUT you have to ask them to do this deduction before the work is done. If they do not agree, go to another service center.

As for "ignoring the problem"......DON'T IGNORE IT.

The engine mounts not only secure the engine, they act as shock absorbers. What you may not feel as a vibration or a problem, your tranny, camshaft, crankshaft, pistions, hose connections and anything else attached to the motor may. There will eventually be other problems that will manifest themselves later due to lack of this repair.

If the mount(s) are truely bad, then have them looked at by a qualified person.


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Service centers at Lexus dealships around here charge about $75-90/hr for labor.

Lexus certified service centers at Toyota dealerships are a little less.

I havene' checked into any independents in my area, only cause I haven't needed to yet.

sorry I can't be of more help.


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I had mine replaced as the engine was nearly hanging out... it also caused damaged to the air duct causing it to split which then caused the car to stall in traffic due to alot of engine movement and stress on the part.

this is so easy to replace and any mechanic can fit them within 30 mins. The parts are quite cheap too.

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You guys must have some pretty good mechanics to call it 'cheap'. The estimates I am getting on engine mounts is about 600 for replacing them. When I start the care and look at the engine, the movement is minimal - not enough that it should (?) tear anything.

What exactly do the engine mounts do? Do they have to be replaced ever so often?

I bought my 1992 Lexus (110K) for 2,000. Hence hate to put down 25% of this to replace mounts!


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the main mount that breaks is the dog mount

on the right side of the engine from the drivers seat

the left if you are facing the car

it usually breaks down easily usually this one needs replacing as i am on my 3rd

the main one in front by the base of the rad is a hydralic one that should last much longer but not if the dog mount as failed for a long time

causing too much undue stress on the lower hydralic one

dog mount it 2 bolts 10 minutes to change

part is 40 dollars

the lower one is much more that must be where your high bill is coming from

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as the intake hose splits due to the excessive engine play... caused be stalling problems as the split would open up when pulling away causing the car to stall... very embarresing!


I did not replace my bottom mount as it did not need replacing

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