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Brake/rotors Recommendation


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hi there I need new brakes for my 95 sc300 and was wondering if you could recommend the best value out there. don't need anything super special, but would like something that works well and doesn't cost too much.

any of the things on ebay any good? and how often do you replace rotors and is anything on ebay any good also? or any online stores offer better deals? I've got 114K on my sc...

also my friend at the fire station says changing brakes is pretty easy but he has a ford truck. is there anything trick with lexus with regards to changing brakes or rotors?

thanks again!

danny :pirate:

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Did you want to keep OEM Pads and rotors?

You can also check with the Toyota Dealers( ie. Carson Toyota). If you OEM from Lexus, I have a set of pads and I can get you a set of Rotors.

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I have a set of drilled rotors that I ordered for a SC300 1998. I sold the car and still have them. They were used about 30 days and do not need any machining. I want 160.00 for the 4 rotors. I may be able to finagle free freight if you are not in a hurry. Otherwise freight is about 15 bucks each. They are heavy. e-mail me at wilhunt@hotmail.com if you are interested

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