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  1. well if your looking at a swap your going to be getting a jdm engine.. you can just forget about usdm. and if your getting a jdm engine and your obd2 and dont want vvt-i then you can forget a swap. now the real difference between going NA-T or just swapping in a 2jzgtte is the rods and the intake manifold and compression ratio. the NA engine has weaker rods and much higer compression so untill you lower the compression your stuck around 8psi on pump gas. and of course the awful non turbo intake manifold and its not so easy to just swap in the tt manifold either youve got to worry about throttle body position along with other things getting in the way. if your planning on really making a high hp monster i would go with the swap cuz in the long run it will be less expensive to acheive 800 900 or even 1000 hp if you really want to go that far. there are many nice NA-T kits tho i just got my turbonetics fmaxx kit on and i love it cost me 4000 for the kit and the install will be slightly cheaper than swapping in a new engine. the price actually comes out to being decently close for both of them. but going NA-T depending on the kit you get you should end up with a little more hp than a stock tt
  2. a good place to look is www.venus-auto.com they are located in cali. or try www.jdmaddiction.com they are located in fl. both have very good prices for what comes with the engines
  3. why not make your own ? its not that hard
  4. free airs deff exist but are no longer manufactored the amp im useing to push my fosgate is a 500 watt 4 channel ive got it bridged so its only getting 250 watts the sub its self is a 400 watt so ive got room for improvement and it still sounds nice
  5. it was actually a very simple process for me for detailed instructions with pictures check out this site you will find it very helpful http://www.reepa.com/subwoofer.php the main site is reepa.com has many tutorials on how to do things for the sc's
  6. 138?!?!? no way man u dont need a specific optima for your car just get a yellow top optima they are performance batteries you can pick them up for around 100 and any auto parts store for the most part
  7. well there is also a little trick where you disconnect your battery then run your car hard for awhile till it relearns every thing and supposidly it makes your car a little faster once its all said and done
  8. i would also suggest leatherseats.com or katskinz both good options although i think leatherseats.com is better
  9. i replaced my 10in free air with a rockford fosgate 10in free air it sounds pretty good and is decently loud for only one ten its a fosgate rz3410 i believe but you will have some trouble finding a free air sub seeing as how they are no longer made by any one anywhere in the world your best place to find one would be ebay good luck
  10. haha how long will an 1uz last ...? thats a good question one person very capable of answering would be my father hes a sales rep and drives every where and i believe he has about 560k on his and hes on his way to 600k he has kept the car in good condition and is on his second transmission but the engine itself is still running strong
  11. well you see since our overdrive is built into the shifter it is very hard finding an aftermarket shift knob but i believe ive found one that should work i cant tell you for sure but im almost positive http://www.autoaccessorystore.com/home.asp...0Auto&options=1 thats it should run you about 70 shipped
  12. 40-60 thats just insane most cars will gain 8-10 if they r lucky although an sc300 project car i believe i saw in either turbo or super street gained like 17 which is really good the 2jz gets alot of hp out of full exhaust and headers also
  13. i dont know why you were talking about going from a 1jz to a 2jz i may be mistaken at wut u were talking about but all sc300's in the us come with the 2jz-ge anywho if your looking for a good place to get an engine for the swap i would suggest www.venus-auto.com they are based in cali. very nice ppl you can get a 2jzgtte with or without vvt-i out of an aristo for about 2grand plus shipping which wont be that much i think it was around 400$ to ship it all the way out here to florida and the engine you will get from them will come with ecu and tranny and even an uncut wiring harness and if your planning on going from auto to 6 speed ..... u better have some deep pockets it wont be cheap.. id prolly suggest getting a 5speed and seeing where that gets you any other questions???
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