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  1. I have replaced my antenna 3 times due to stupid stuff like putting the garage door down to soon. I used a kit on e-bay for 20 bucks that installed easy and worked fine.
  2. Your swap is probably fine. I as able to by a set of 2006 SE wheels an tires with 15 miles on them. They were 18" and looked great. I put them on my 1997 SC400 and the car does not handle near as well as my original Toyo's did. The road noise is greater, the ride is stiffer and they catch every rut and groove in the pavement. I may be selling them and go back to original wheels and Toyo tires.
  3. I have had good luck with the replacment antenna on e-bay for about 20 bucks. I keep closing my garage door before the antenna is down. They sell a complete unit for 29.95 including motor. They are easy to install. The second and third time goes real fast.
  4. I have a 1997 SC400 and was running stock wheels with new Toyo tires. It ran real good. I had the opportunity to buy a set of new 2006 IS 18' wheels and tires for a very low price and they only had about 45 miles on them. They look really good but they do not handle as well as my stock set up. They seem to be noisier and are prone to wander in the hiway grooves. Also the ride is much firmer. The car feels more like sports car now but I really think it was bettter all around with the stock Toyo's. Before you spring for the big bucks for new wheels and tires be prepared for a much firmer and dif
  5. BY shims do you mean the spring clips that the sqaure ends of the pads fit into?
  6. I have 2 problems. 1. When changing rear brake pads I could not figure out how to get the little wishbone springs that snap onto the pads bsack on. I tried doing it before putting the pads in and I could not do it. With the pads compressed all the way I have to force the caliper back onto the rotor and I am sure it will drag. Is this normal. I had previously purchased a set of drilled rotors for a 1998 CS300 that I had for a short time. I was going to put them on my 1997 SC400 as they are the same size. The problem is the OEM rotors are about .200 thicker than the drilled ones and have webbi
  7. I changed my truck shocks for $40 bucks on ebay. I used a dremel tool to remove the old bolt and ball from the old shocks and they worked great. Almost too much lift.
  8. Does anyone know if the brake rotors are the same size on a 1997 SC400 and a 1998 SC300. I bought slotted rotors for my 1998 SC300 and I sold the the car and bought a 1997 SC400 because I wanted a white car.
  9. I think there is a post on this. You have to take the front wheel off and the spalsh pan. Be carefull about dmaging sockets ect.
  10. You can get the motor on e-bay for about $30.00.
  11. I did not have vapor in my headlight but in my tailight did. I took the light off and found a crack in the housing I used the outlet of a small vacume cleaner that the exhaust was about 90 degrees. I set it up to blow through the light housing. It took about 8 hours but the lense cleared up. I sealed the crack with silicon and have not a problem since. The crack looked like someone had used a screwdiver to pry the light assembly out and cracked to housing.
  12. I could not find a decent SC300 or 400 in the Pacific Northwest. I bougt 2 on e-bay. One was a 1998 SC300 with 69 K in Dallas. i was so paranoid I flew down to look at it. It was a plumb color and everytime I saw a white one I wished I had not bought the plumb. I sold the car in Seattle form more than I paid for it including shipping. I bought a 1997 SC400 from Florida for 16,900 plus 1200 shipping. It had 70 K and complete service records. the car showed up in mint condition. There were no similar cars available in the Seattle area for under 22K. That was a year and a half ago. From what I ge
  13. 1985 300ZX 275, 000 miles. Sold it to my son in law for !K. Have an 1997 SC400. Love it. Bought used with 70K no problems at 80 K.
  14. This may not be revalent but my son in laws Dodge ram V-8 had the same symptoms. 1000,000 miles. Catalitic converter was plugged. New converter ran perfect. Computer codes did not show this. Found it by removing O2 sensor and it ran better but not as it should. ← I meant 100,000 miles
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