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  1. hi there. i was washing my 95 sc300 the other day and noticed that the left rear wheelwell is lower than the others by about 1/2 to 1 inch or so when I was applying tire dressing. is this a damaged spring or shock or? I have 122K on my lexus and would like to balance out the car again in the cheapest manner possible. thanks in advance for your help!
  2. hi there I need new brakes for my 95 sc300 and was wondering if you could recommend the best value out there. don't need anything super special, but would like something that works well and doesn't cost too much. any of the things on ebay any good? and how often do you replace rotors and is anything on ebay any good also? or any online stores offer better deals? I've got 114K on my sc... also my friend at the fire station says changing brakes is pretty easy but he has a ford truck. is there anything trick with lexus with regards to changing brakes or rotors? thanks again! danny
  3. I'm in the Pasadena area but will drive for peace of mind and savings anywhere in the LA/Orange County area!
  4. I'm looking for a reasonable and reliable Los Angeles area mechanic. I know I could go to the dealer but their prices seem unreasonable at times. Thanks in advance...
  5. It's been raining a lot in Southern California lately and I've discovered a worn out rubber seal/leak in the top of my passenger side rear small window trim. It looks like the rubber is twisted or something. Is this something that is easy/cheap to replace? Or should I just inject some black silicone in there for a quick fix? Please help me eliminate the small puddle on my rear seat! Thanks again!
  6. Thanks for the reference, but wasn't there another website that offered partial leather seats for a discounted price? I remember clicking on it and finding substantial savings on that site. Please someone help!
  7. Thanks a lot of the picture. I'll try and figure it out. I also have problems with my door locking mechanism...maybe it's rubbing against something and I'll take a look at that also. THANKS AGAIN! :D
  8. Is there a good website that shows how to remove the door panels so I can check the connections? Or another good reference? Thanks a lot!
  9. My power mirrors don't work at all, and my seat memory works very rarely. Sometimes my passenger side will slide back to its original position after I recline it forward to let someone in, sometimes not. Just wondering if this was all related to a faulty item somewhere, because I think the seat memory also does custom mirror settings? I've written about this before but now it's really bugging me and I'd like to try and fix it! Thank you for your time!
  10. I remember reading awhile back about certain websites that offered do it yourself leather seat replacement for our SC's. I think there was one that had options for how many panels of leather you could choose, thereby reducing the price. I did a topic search on this website and couldn't find it--could someone please direct me to the proper website again? Thanks.
  11. I have a 1995 SC300 and when the sunroof is closed and I travel at 60+ mph I can hear the wind noise. I was wonder if this is normal for a 9 year old car, and if so is there anything I can do to make the seal better again. Thanks!
  12. I just received my 95 SC300 back from the body shop and it looks very nice. Brand new front and rear bumpers, and paid extra to have the whole thing professionally polished and waxed--smooth and shiny like a baby's butt! However when I went to give it a quick hit with some liquid quick detailer from Meguiar's the ends of the rear bumper caved in a little bit with pressure. Is it because it's a new bumper and it does feel a bit softer? They didn't forget to insert some kind of impact absorbing structure did they? Also just noticed that the trunk has a leeeeetle bit of play in it. Like whe
  13. I bought a custom plastic insert from Ebay for our vehicle from Took it to a local place and they installed it no problem after cutting out a hole for the new head unit. good luck!
  14. Good luck with that purchase. Just be careful because that area has a lot of small, independent dealers who can be pretty shady. I bought my 95 SC300 w/91K for $8500 in SoCal and thought I got a great deal. Then I was thinking about trading it in for a truck for my job and hobbies and the car dealer showed me all the self fixes the previous owner had done. And the previous owner was some affluent guy who lived near the beach in the hills in a nice house who also owned a Ferrari and restored Benz so I didn't even think about him trying to cut corners with fixes. I was just mesmerized by th
  15. hey thanks for all the responses! the noise happens quickly when I drive at a snail's pace at low rpms, and then disappears. or if I accelerate slowly on and off really slowly with my foot on the brake while in D, it sounds like something that's spinning and hitting something. maybe a fan or belt or? it sounds like it's coming from the passenger side front end of the car. yeah I agree that I should report to insurance and dmv, but I figure I'd give the poor girl a break and keep her insurance down. plus as a safety I have 10 days to report the accident and I'll find out the complete esti
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