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A/c Recharge


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I was advised by someone who was looking at my engine compartment, that the a/c view glass looked "bubbly" and thought it may need a charge. It blows cold but I'd still like to get it checked out. Is it necessary to bring it to a Lexus or specialized shop? Or, can it be taken to a quality auto shop for the a/c test? I'm just not sure if it take something special.

thank you.

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You will be able to see the 'flowing' bubbles yourself if present in the sight glass[which is on the rt side of the elec radiator fans-this is rt as sitting in car]; it is in the small pipe going to the condenser.

You can add R134a yourself if it is low[buy a can and hose connection(this will be a kit) at a parts store; will only fit the suction side so you are OK there]; but purge the air from the hose before connecting to the car. read directions:charge with can connection UP.

Watch until the bubbles clear up then QUIT.

If you have no problem with the temp entering the car being warm, then do not do anything.

If you don't have the slightest idea about air conditioning, then take it to a independent a/c shop--but watch them, should only do what I have said and nothing more.

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