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105 on my 95 sc400. it had alot left in her. i was messing with my cousin on my road and passed him in his 93 supra twin turbo. i couldve kept going but with a road only like a mile long and a short braking distance pass my driveway i decided to stop. i still slowed down pretty quick. keep in mind this all happend in less than half a mile going up a hill and then coming down to go through a curve in the middle of the day

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The factory 94SC300 tops at 146mph, I used to hit that speed every time I was on a completly open road up the state (few times a year), but damn thats fast. I'm happy topping out at about 110-120mph now. After about 70mph its at 110 pretty quick though after opening up my intake/exhaust flow.

Did 140mph past CHP way back when, I saw he tried for a second and pulled off to the side finally realizing he wasn't going to catch me (I could hardly see him in the rear-view, totally open road, at about midnight). So I got off the road and laid low for a while. Goodtimes.

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