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Brake Light In Spoiler Dont Work W/ Lamps On

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i noticed just yesterday that the brake light on my spoiler doesnt work when the front head lamps are on. i tried all different kinds of combinations: with and w/out high beam or fog lamps; it works when the knob is switched in auto but in broad daylight when the lamps are not on. it doesnt work when the knob is switched to "=D" (the thingy that looks like a lamp) so im guessing there's a conflict between the headlamps and the brake light spoiler. also, the alarm has been acting up ever since i had the spoiler installed. i hope its a dyi since the shop i had it installed is 12 miles away.

btw, im new in the site and i think it's great; especially the clickable smilies!

i like this one! :snoooorrrtttt:

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Sounds like the spoiler light was wired into a left or right brake light. It is supposed to be wired into the high mount brake light in the window. This way the light in the spoiler only illuminates when the light in the window lights up....when you step on the brake.

The alarm sounds like a switch sensitivity issue. I am not suprised based on the added weight of the spoiler. It is possible a wire was hit or partially disconnected during installation. It may be as simple as repostioning the switch or sensor. You don't go into much detail as to what is happening with the alarm.

Is it going off while the trunk is closed, is it going off when the trunk is popped remotely but not opened up wide?

What's it doin or not doin when it "acts up"?


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thanx for the insight steviej. i saw the guys at the shop do the wiring on the left brake light. i was wondering why they did that since it would have been simple to bridge a connection on the center mounted brake light. as for the alarm, it acts up when i open the trunk using the keychain. i would close the trunk and it would alarm still sounds. the only way to stop it is unlucking and locking the doors with the key chain.

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just maybe they bridged the wiring from the taillight and another one from the brake light?

causing the alarm problem and the spoiler light to not work

reconnect it properly to the 3 rd brake light this may resolve all of your recent issues

it also sounds like the wire for the trunk sensor in the trunk lock mechanism has a problem

take a multi tester use the positive from the 3rd brake light and ground the otherside

if it is an led style it will only work one way for the wiring

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