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Please Help Me I Am Begging

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Can someone please help me find a black Sc 300 with black leather 5-speed for under 12,000 dollars.... i have taken out 3 loans now.... 3. i am so *BLEEP*ed off right now because first guy sold it the day i took out the loan second guy sold it after he said he would sell me it and now the third guy had the wrong info on the car and i find out right before buying it.... i have been to autotrader.com and cars.com and also ebay looking for one... every time i find one the !Removed! kills me on the deal!! I am really desperate right now if anyone could help me by telling me another search engine to look or even if you know somewhere where there would be one

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Just thinking out loud. I will very unlikely sell this car.

I checked out your link. Very nice SC300. So....since you mentioned "modified", what did you do? From what I could see you did some suspension work and added some killer rims that mix well with the car body. What else did you do?

I have a Black on Gray with an Auto. A 5 speed would add to the joy but I still love to drive my car.

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