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Need Two Air Fuel Ratio Sensors For 98 Es?


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The check engine light just turned on my 98 ES300.

Lexus says I need 2 (front and back) Air Fuel Ratio Sensors $338 each plus 2 hours labor.

Is there a cheaper way around this? Last year I did ocasionally (not often)encounter problems starting the car when hot. It wouldn't hold an idle for the first few attempts. I wonder if this is related.

Bottom line- do I really need to replace these or can I get along without them? I plan to sell the car in about 6 months.


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I'm not familar with a motorvac. Is this some sort of concentrated fuel cleaner?

I do use a full container of RedLine Fuel cleaner in a single tankfull every year or so. Supposedly the Redline product can be used to clean up to 100 gallons so I am using it "full strength".

Thanks for your help!

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if the motorvac does not "fix" the sensors, in other words, if the O2 sensors are indeed shot, then they need replacing. Do you need to? That is up to you. Faulty sensors will send the wrong fuel/air ratio signal to the ECU and the car MAY not run properly. The catilytic converter may be infused with excessive amounts of unburned fuel, run hotter and burn out quicker. This is even more expensive than the O2 sensors.

You are getting hit with 2 hours labor cause they won't break down the hour. If it take 1 hour and 5 minutes, you get charged the 2 hours. Replacing both sensors can be done in less then 30 minutes in your driveway if you have the right tools and you know where they are and what you are doing.

Contact JPI, he is an authorized dealer on this site and might be able to get you a better price on O2 sensors you need. You could then bring them to a good independent mechanic to replace. It will be cheaper than going to the stealership.


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o2's can get fouled by running too rich causing tehm to get coated in carbon, running to lean kills sensors easily by having too much heat and tehy crack there resistor. Rare but happens, more time it just needs to be cleaned

A motorvac just cleans the entire system and removes the carbon off everything to get all sensors in the fuel path running properly.

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I never see two A/F sensor goes out at the same time. I would check the A/F heater wire by the fuse box, Sometimes it came off and could trigger your check engine light. If you have access to a lexus scanner I would check to see the voltage on these two, also a resistance test will let you know pretty quick. Good luck.


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