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Black Screen

my ls430

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If you are referring to the climate control LCD- it is mostly a problem on the 1990-1994s, but I have heard of the problem on models as late as 1997. Luckily, my 1990 does not have this problem yet and it has nearly 230K. It does darken a very little on the very edge at times, so I guess it is only a matter of time. :rolleyes:

I think someone said that their 1999 model had some sort of LCD problem, but I may be wrong.

If you are referring to the instrument cluster- it is a common problem on the 1990-1994 models, but has even been reported on models as late as 1995-96. For some reason, I see more complaints of this from owners of the 1993-1994 models. Luckily, my car has escaped this problem as well for now- unless it was repaired by the original owner before I bought it.

These are excellent cars despite the few flaws.

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so what years to watch out for...and what years had the screen in them....hwlping out a friend who is interested in buying one B)

This is not a major problem if you or someone else is buying a Gen. 1 LS, those are models 1990-1994. They can be replaced very easily and are talked a lot about here at LOC:


Don't let this come in a way of a good deal. ;)

About Gen. II not a big problem on those; but there were some occusations where I found them with blacked out Radio LCD. I don't know how much it is to repair any of the LCDs on the Gen. II; it should be the same as Gen. 1's which is around $100-$200 it all depends.

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