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  1. those are aftermarket L-tuned rims
  2. the fuel pump can heat up and catch on fire.....not good
  3. 04 E-shift Is300,-D-speed Front, L-tuned Wheels & exhaust, unknown coilovers. i think this is my first post in like a year here how is everyone?
  4. quick pic...its the silver one :D
  5. follow up so i ended up picking up a 06' a6 3.2 quattro. man is it amazing. definatly has more character than the lex. not as big, although the trunk is twice the size AND i can put the seats down. silver on black. the only options i got were the premium wheels, navigation, stereo, shades, and quattro sytems. loving the car. i only have one pic right now, pic from the dealer a few days ago, but i'll have full out photoshoot in a few days. i went and drove the 330 ci convertable (e46), also the new 330. and the 530i, all very fast fun cars, i just wanted something bigger, and for the price i got the audi at, nothing could beat it. or even come close in price. i just didn't feel the need to get the A8, although it is a beast and Very refined. the A6 was just a smoking deal i couldn't pass up.
  6. well the driveway is now open, taking a trip to the audi dealer tomorrow afternoon, might walk out with an a6 or an a8. idk yet. its been a fun ride, even though i didn't visit very often, all my questions were answered, the reason i am droping the ls is because its just plain boring, has no caracter. the audi or the bmw are just a luxurious and more refined driving experiance, i will say that my dealer was THE best dealer i have ever gone to (jm lexus) the best 10-10. man am i going to miss that
  7. nice looking ride you got there. enjoy it
  8. thank you. i have been lurking. all there have been really are technical questions that either have been already answered or were to dificult for me to answer. so i haven't posted in a bit
  9. umm yea. i should do this no?
  10. i am taking my car into the dealer to have the nav update done today...i think its free??
  11. look at matts avatar...insert "woohoo" here ---> _ _ _ _ _ _<---
  12. i have an 89 and i have the cable that i bought from office depot but it won't download any of the games from ti site and i can't figure it out
  13. not any more!!!! ← like this...i know i have mad internet skilz may 25 03. a total of 3153 memebers ..and for those who wonder what it looked like waaaaaay back when take a look may 27, 02. a total of 543 new members and now today with a total of 13,149 members!!! i don't stalk i swear. i was just reading some posts from way back then and i almost bumped some of then up....i may have to just to scare some people in the ls forum my ls430
  14. i think the group icons are down my ls430
  15. new forum skin? niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. my ls430
  16. custom owner checking in....personaly i would love to have all the stuff in the back...(it does come with rear heated) but its just not worth it...wow so i get a 1 in biger wheel...woot. bu like i said i just don't care for it. i have enough goodies to keep me busy my ls430
  17. i own an 99 E430 also. radio is junk. other than that its a great car. power is amazing. i hapen to like the hardseats. coming from a person who has owned 5 german cars 3 vw 5 audi 1 M-B. i am so biased on this subject. i hate things about the mercedes and i hate things about the lexus. what do u want. companies all have the flaws. this is like the vw crowed hating the ricer crowed and the JDM hating USDM. can't we all just get along?...ohh and i saw a maybach today....WOW... did i mention i drive the merc more often? my ls430
  18. middle grade is just to get you to pay more for regular...but you *think* your getting something better. FYI my ls430
  19. gas doesn't get old..and when it does get old it turns to laqur.. its been around for a million years and we use it in 50 my ls430
  20. hmm thats interesting....but for what its worth you can control nearly everything from the map screen. because of the little pop ups that happen my ls430
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