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Chipmunk is dining under my hood


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He's eating the sunflower seeds kicked out of the birdfeeder, under my hood.  I know it's a chipmunk because I've seen him take the seeds.
I cleaned up his little mess, and put two drops of Frank's Hot Sauce in there, along with a few tiny flakes of red pepper.

Chipmunk and RX300 battery.jpg

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My son once had a rabbit, living in his Honda's engine bay and munching his air conditioner cables. We gave the rabbit a ride to home depot and forced him to find another home - hopefully not in someone else's engine bay.😏

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I tried a mixture of pepper and water - spray did not deter the  critter.
I also bought a bottle of peppermint spray - it didn't stop the critter either, but the car smelled good.

I wish I could change the title of the post - it's not a chipmunk, it was mice.

I bought 4 mouse traps (the plastic easy set kind) and set one next to each front wheel, one on the battery (carefully arranged to not short it), and one on the engine cover.  This morning, I had two dead mice: passenger wheel, and engine cover.
I'd post the photos, but that may violate some forum rules, so to summarize:  two dead mice in traps.

My trail cam caught one of them.  Also, the neighborhood cat investigated (seen on the trail cam)...  she had ONE JOB!  I guess she's more into birds.

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In my area, cats that escape to or are allowed outside often get eaten by coyotes, so I never count on them to take care of mice. However, there is a bobcat that enters our yards, occasionally.

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