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2017 NX200 Turbo Nav or no Nav

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I am looking to buy a 2017 NX Turbo. I like the base model as I don't think the Nav is going to be useful (gets poor reviews like most car Nava) and I use the Waze app on my phone for any Navigation. I do want to make sure the car is equipped for options down the road where I could possibly display waze or the iPhone map on my screen. Does anyone know if I would have to have the model with the Nav screen so it could display that or does the base model screen run apps? Any insight on running apps on the car is appreciated.
Also, do all models read texts out loud? And can you recite texts back?

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    • By LRmatred
      When I start up the car the Display shows the NAV screen (Language and Agree).  Is there anyway to set it so the Radio shows at start up?
    • By jabowsi
      I have seen many posts about this but none that says it was successfully done.
      Is there any one out there who has successfully updated a Gen4 nav and audio with ML to a Gen5 system ML?

      If there is please share any info relating to:
      1. What parts are needed to be changed
      2. what connections need to be rewired or added.
      3. Is the finished upgrade fully working or are there features that are missing?

      Gen 4 Mark Levinson - note CLOCK button

      Gen 5 with DVD and Mark Levinson - note AUDIO button

    • By Joel Esteva
      When driving on a freeway, the navigation system splits the screen to show a list of upcoming exits. The list shows Distance, Time, Exit Names and Street Names of the next 3 exits. I notice that the Street Names displays intermittently. I live in the Bay Area (Tri Valley) and in my location the Street Names doesn't show at all. But when I drive down to the south like San Jose, the Street Names started to display. Very strange since this doesn't issue happen to my 2006 Sienna. Does the navigation gets the data remotely? Or does it have anything to do with the version of the micro SD card? I reported the issue to the dealer and none of their Tech experts seems to know is causing this behavior. I was also told that I'm not the first one to report this issue.
    • By Smooth Ride
      Hey all, I went to replace my NAV DVD and got the infamous "will not eject issue". I searched and could not find any cure, so I uncovered my own.

      First you will need to search online for the instructions on how to to find and expose the unit, once you have gotten the unit exposed, I would try to operate the eject slide several times while pushing in on the slide switch (you'll find out why later).

      If this does not work you will have to remove the player face plate. I removed the entire unit and the bracket as well (you may not have to remove all this, but I did). What you are needing is the ability to remove the face plate. There were 4 wire pigtails in the back of my unit.

      There are 2 tabs on top of the unit where the faceplate is snapped into place, push down on these with a flat blade screwdriver and gently pry the face plate away from the unit.Once you have the face plate off, to the left of the DVD opening you will see 2 micro-switches; one is a rocker and one push button. If you were to look at the back of the face plate while operating the eject slide switch, you will see that during this operation as the slide moves, it depresses both the rocker and the push button switches - this is what you need to replicate with your fingers. I simply plugged the wires back in the unit for power and used my fingers to operate the switches, bingo, opened right up; install the DVD and reinstall everything. You are now done.
    • By kennstar92
      Selling my 2nd gen IS ivic-5d android integration module. asking 320 shipped OBO.