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  1. Thanks gcrobb! I have had my nx without Nav since May (I love it!) and find the hands free all very easy to use. I have found I use my iPhone map more often with voice directions piped thru Bluetooth. I like how my iPhone syncs to the car and I can use voice commands to send texts, set alarms, etc. with Siri. The only problem I recently started having is my phone sometimes won't disconnect after I press the phone disconnect button. I have to turn off Bluetooth from my phone and reconnect my phone which is a pain. Not sure if there is an update somewhere I can do? I was wondering if anyone has that problem with the iPhone, as well? Thx!
  2. I am looking to buy a 2017 NX Turbo. I like the base model as I don't think the Nav is going to be useful (gets poor reviews like most car Nava) and I use the Waze app on my phone for any Navigation. I do want to make sure the car is equipped for options down the road where I could possibly display waze or the iPhone map on my screen. Does anyone know if I would have to have the model with the Nav screen so it could display that or does the base model screen run apps? Any insight on running apps on the car is appreciated.Also, do all models read texts out loud? And can you recite texts back?thanks!