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2000 Rx300 Loss Of Gas Mileage

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Can anyone help with a sudden loss of gas mileage in a 2000 RX300 AWD. It dropped from just below 19 MPG to 16 MPG almost over night. Have cleaned the mass airflow sensor and changed the thermostat - was heating up slowly. Any other ideas?? No trouble codes. Runs well.

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checked the usual, tire pressure, air filter, and dont forget the change in fuel from winter to summer blends....With no cel lights hard to diagnose

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Just had the CEL come on this morning on the way to work. Code 1150. I believe this is the Air/Fuel ratio sensor on the front bank of cylinders. Bet that could make a difference in mileage. Thanks for the input have checked all the other typical culprits. Was about to remove wheels and check for dragging brakes.

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    • By Drew707
      It seems as though the actuator that moves the passenger's side mirror has become disconnected.  Has anyone tried getting into one of these things?  It isn't a critical function, but it is quite annoying to have to manually push it out after a carwash or something.  It is a '99 if that matters.
    • By deremley
      I have a 2002 rx300 fwd, and I know I am late to the game, but like just about everyone that has posted here, I also had the same problem and (thanks to many of you) the same solution. I had the filter replaced, system drained, new ATF added and everything worked out great (especially saving the 5k on a new transmission). This was about 2000 miles ago (135k miles on the car). 
      This past weekend I drove to DC from Pittsburgh and back with no problems what-so-ever, until I pulled onto my street and all of a sudden the car jerked and the rpms shot way up but the car didn't really move (I think it would go about 25pmh while at 5000rpms), like it did just before it quit completely and before I had the filter/fluid replaced. Thinking that maybe the filter was clogged again I replaced filter/fluid a second time. I should note that the fluid looked like it the day I put it in - still very red and hardly anything in the filter.
      Now here is the new issue - when you put the car into drive or reverse there is (what my mechanic calls) a delayed engagement. That is to say, after a few seconds the car will finally move. If you push too hard on the accelerator the car will jerk hard and then engage. If you are very easy on the accelerator, if doesn't jerk, but still takes time to engage. Once the car is moving, however, everything is seemingly great. I took it for a test drive on the highway, once I merged into traffic and had the car going about 35mpg it shifted very smoothly. Its just went it idles that it drops out of gear and then has the delayed engagement. My mechanic suggested that it might be the gear pump in the transmission itself, that is failing, and that it is not building up enough pressure when first put into D or R. Any thoughts or guidance here would be greatly appreciated.  
    • By jabowsi
      Does any one know what on earth this button is for?

      I recently purchased an 01 RX 300 with 125K on the odo and in very nice shape.
      I have one issue which may be several
      1.Power mirrors do not work
      2.Rear wiper and washer do not work
      3.My right rear window will spontaneously drop partially while driving.
      This happens spontaneously and to different degrees but seems to settle down after half an hour or so. 
      Also there would seem to be a short in the master switch as tapping my knee along side the door will make this occur as I drive also
      My question: Could this all be attributed to the same cause? Grounds associated with the switch perhaps? Or am I looking at multiple issues here?
      Any help and suggestions would be appreciated
    • By skaffine
      Hi - I am new to this forum.  I had a 2002 RX300 for 5 years, best car I've ever owned, just a joy to drive. My husband and I joked that all that we had to was strap in and "Stella" would take us there. I bought it at 60K miles and it was 171K when a 4pt buck interrupted our relationship. I have been looking for a month, (Craiglist,, daily) and I'm THIS sick of dealer d-bags. Does anyone know of an RX300 for sale? I'm looking for less than 150K miles w/ no mechanical issues. Cosmetic issues OK. Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas/other sites to check? Thanks for any assistance you can give. I live in CO but would travel for the right car.