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2000 Rx300 Loss Of Gas Mileage

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Can anyone help with a sudden loss of gas mileage in a 2000 RX300 AWD. It dropped from just below 19 MPG to 16 MPG almost over night. Have cleaned the mass airflow sensor and changed the thermostat - was heating up slowly. Any other ideas?? No trouble codes. Runs well.

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checked the usual, tire pressure, air filter, and dont forget the change in fuel from winter to summer blends....With no cel lights hard to diagnose

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Just had the CEL come on this morning on the way to work. Code 1150. I believe this is the Air/Fuel ratio sensor on the front bank of cylinders. Bet that could make a difference in mileage. Thanks for the input have checked all the other typical culprits. Was about to remove wheels and check for dragging brakes.

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      I have one issue which may be several
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      Anyone experienced this problem or know how to fix it?
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      I don't think it would be an amp issue since CDs play fine. I've been thinking about pulling out the stereo unit and resoldering everything but before I do I was hoping for some advice on what it might be and/or diagrams. I've checked and replaced the fuses (they weren't blown)
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      I need help diagnosing what the actual culprit of the p0420 that threw up few days ago. I ran my torgue scan tool and I am adding screenshots for better understand.
      I am not able to understand the various test. I need some help here.
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      Hello everybody. A few weeks ago I bought a beautiful 2011 Lexus ES 350. Right in the first day I noticed something is not right with the gas mileage. It is usually between 11 and 13 MPG. If I go on the highway, if I am lucky it would be 18-19 MPG.  I know that is not right. Also, for example if it shows me that I have 300 miles left with my full tank and I drive (for example) 50 miles, instead of showing 250 which would be normal, the computer shows me 198. Also I need to specify that even if I do not need to, I always use the PREMIUM gas (93). 
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