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  1. UGO, I noticed you have not been overwhelmed with replies and suggestions. I have had the same problem with my '99 RX and my "02 Toyota HL V6. Yes, the IAC cleaning helped a little, but then the problem returned. The only thing that really "fixed" it was to replace...as in new...IAC valves. I used the ones made by Intermotor, and they worked fine. Now, if you have already fixed the problem by fixing the "fuel pump resistor", please let us know. Good luck.
  2. ricco750

    Coil Springs Replacement

    Well, I ended up having to buy them from Lexus, to the tune of about $700 before tax. Now I'm just waiting for the install appointment at my favorite shop for a complete replacement of my steering and suspension components. Between Lexus and RockAuto, I've got about two grand in parts on my living room floor.
  3. I'm trying to find some OE springs for my '99 RX AWD, but other than getting them from Lexus at a hefty price, I can't find anything on the web. Not even MOOG makes them. I found the H&R lowering springs, but don't really want the car any lower, I read somewhere that RAV4 springs were identical, but don't know the year, or if that's true. I'm doing a major R/R on my suspension and steering at a good shop, and my mechanic suggested new springs as well. The springs will be hosting new KYB's. I have also read that some people think that if the car has not towed heavy loads, the springs should be OK. Does anyone have any information about the whereabouts of OE springs?
  4. ricco750

    Having Problems Starting Up My 1999 Rx 300

    The first place I would start is by cleaning the IAC valve.
  5. ricco750

    Ac Relay Location ?

    I found this question interesting, so went out to the garage and popped the hood on my '99 RX, opened the fuse box on the right...could not find any relay that specifically said "AC relay". So I looked at the wiring schematic in my Haynes manual for the AC system, and it's pretty complicated, and of course even involves the ECU as part of the "team". Right off hand, I would think that if you had a "bad relay", that pushing and holding the "AC button" would not turn on the AC. I had a problem like this on my wife's '02 Toyota HL, and the fix was a new HVAC Control Unit to the tune of $687 back in '07. Hope this helps.
  6. Maybe you have fixed this by now, but it sounds like a bad TPS http://www.buzzle.com/articles/symptoms-of-a-bad-throttle-position-sensor.html
  7. Have you considered sheepskin seat and armrest covers ? I have them on my '99RX just for the comfort...there was no problem with the original seat and armrest covers, but I got spoiled by sheepskin covers over 20 years ago, and can't go without them.
  8. ricco750

    Noise Under Dash

    Try this link. http://www.clublexus.com/forums/rx-first-generation/293932-rx300-fan-noise-blend-door-motor.html
  9. First, you need to isolate the problem. If it is the blower, that can be determined by going through all the fan speeds while the car is idling. If the noise changes, the problem is most likely the blower...and you cannot "get to the bearings", as they are sealed, and a blower replacement would be necessary. It also could be some debris in the fan cage itself. But if the blower and fan cage are not the problem, then it's most likely the servos that operate the blend doors for the climate control system. They are not cheap to replace, but are relatively easy to remove and rebuild, and there are threads on the forum to help with this. I had this problem with my "99 RX...the noise was a clicking and clacking that sounded like the CD changer was searching for a disc, but it turned out to be the servos. An inexpensive mechanic's stethescope will help with the diagnosis.
  10. ricco750

    After Deal Flush Transmission Problems

    This has been a notorious issue on both Lexus sites I visit. The consensus of the majority of the members is to NEVER do a flush, but do a simple drain and refill. If this had happened to me, I would hold the dealer culpable and expect a financial partnership in the repair/replacement of my transaxle.
  11. ricco750

    1999 Lexus Rx 300 Metal Rubbing Sounds.

    Unless you rebuild engines, I doubt it is something you can repair. And that "knocking" noise is probably a rod knock. You should definitely not drive it, and it should be towed to a shop. My "99 RX threw a rod though the oil pan at 109,000 miles. It was my mother-in-law's car at the time, had been cared for very well, and was being driven at a highway speed when it happened. I was not driving the car at the time, so I don't know if the oil pressure light was on...it was being driven by my brother-in-law, who tends to ignore stuff like CEL's and such. Anyway, I bought the car after that, and Lexus put in a new short block, and gave me a 25% reduction in the parts. Still, the total bill was about 7 grand. The crankshaft bearings on the old block were blue from friction heat, so there had to be an oil starvation problem, but the original cause, be it low oil level or a bad oil pump, or a restriction somewhere...was never determined. Anyway, I hope you have a good relationship with your wallet, because you are probably about to ask for a favor! Good Luck.
  12. ricco750

    '99 Rx Sway (Stabilizer) Bar Bushings

    The poly bushings are favorites of the off-road guys. I definitely would not mix poly and rubber, and if I were (subjunctive) to replace the bushings on my RX, I would go with rubber.
  13. ricco750

    '99 Rx Sway (Stabilizer) Bar Bushings

    I'm assuming you know that the poly bushings make the ride stiffer, not as comfy?
  14. ricco750

    '99 Rx Sway (Stabilizer) Bar Bushings

    Is this what you are looking for? http://www.mylparts.com/parts/1999/LEXUS/RX300/?siteid=214992&vehicleid=1356106&diagram=8912170
  15. ricco750

    Crackling Noiise

    Sorry if my post was confusing...I did not rebuild the speakers. I attempted to fix their rattling by wedging pieces of an old bike tube between the spaces of the cowl and the speaker housing. It has proved to be a temporary fix, necessitating repeating the fix every year or so. I wish I knew how to remove those speakers to more closely examine their attachment mechanism. They probably just pop out, but I don't want to take a chance of breaking them. I did rebuild the AC servos...I believe I put a post on the site about that...there are others who have posted as well. I think I did that job in 2009.