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  1. SRX - THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! I just broke the tailgate latch on my 2000 RX 300 and this was a life saver and money saver. Perfect instructions, worked like a charm. Lexus dealer wanted $181 for the part and to fix the car an addition $300 in labor! Ordered the NOS part from eBay, got it in 2 days, took me about an hour at most to do the replacement. I'm the original owner of my RX and am trying to keep it as new. Thanks again! Mike in Pasadena California
  2. I tried the trick with the pliers and it worked like a charm on my 2000 RX300! Great tip! Measured in 2 5/8" in where the material started and it worked. My recommendation is to put a rag/towel between the metal pliers and the fabric to avoid any chance of tearing the visor. Thanks!
  3. I have found a couple of places who claim they have or can make a kit to the exact specifications for the seats of my 2000 RX-300. Has anyone had any experience with these companies? I really want to keep my car and have her seats back like new! Any advice welcome. THanks GT Covers - MrStitch - Autoseatskins - Katzkin Leathers -
  4. HELP!! I still have my 2000 RX300, original owner with 160,000 miles, runs flawlessly, I love it. The small light in the upper corner of the headlamp assembly has gone out. I have changed the bulbs in the other lamps but can't figure out how to get to the small lamp in the corner. (see picture, I've circled it in red) I hope that I can just replace the bulb rather than the entire headlight assembly. Has anyone replaced this bulb or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks all. Love My Lexus!
  5. Hello all, I have a 2000 RX-300 in Gold. I LOVE it, she has 156K miles and runs like a top and still looks like new. The only thing I need to do to now is to replace the drivers seat covers and armrest. I'm looking for a factory replacement set for leather, heated seats. I've checked out a couple of places, ebay, etc. But wondering if anyone here has had good luck replacing theirs and has a good source to recommend. I want to keep my "Alexis" for another 100k at least! Appreciate any recommendations. Thanks
  6. Thanks Cduluk. I did more research, none of CarID's spoilers matched the factory design, luckily they refunded my entire purchase price including shipping. I did find one at a salvage yard and bought it for $100 and it cost 200 to have it painted and installed and it looks like brand new! I'm now going to post another issue about seat covers. If you have any ideas I welcome them. Look for my posting. Thanks again!
  7. I have to replace my rear spoiler on my 2000 RX300. I ordered a "factory designed" one from a place called but when it arrived it is NOT the factory design. It does not fit to the corners of the tailgate as the original spoiler does. I DON"T recommend them. Can anyone give me a good source to order a true factory replacement? I can install it myself after I have it painted. Appreciate any advice or recommendations.
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