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  1. I recently bought a 2010 rx350 with the tow package. I have installlled the hitch, and the flat 4 trailer wiring at the back factory plug. I now have to install the trailer brake controller on the dash and wire it in. Does anybody have any tips on attaching it to the dash, where to go through the firewall, and any other tidbits. Thanks ahead of time. Oh, also, is there a factory plug and wireing up by the dash, like at the back?
  2. Noise Under Dash

    I have a 2000 RX300 that has a noise under the dash. It sounds like a CD changer trying to load CDs. I think I saw on a post that it was something to do with the AC servos, relays or whatever. does anybody have the info what it is , and how to fix it? Thanks.
  3. Idle Question

    I have a 2000 RX300 that has sometimes a low idle/vibration. It sounds like the noise an engine makes when you !Removed! the timimg. We had the timing belt replaced about 12,000 miles ago at about 105,000 miles, that also took care of a louder than normal "belt noise". Now the noise is back also. Can the noises by related, and do timing belts need readjusting? Mileage is down a littls (1-2 mpg) but then it is winter here in Wisconsin. Gut feeling, it's not like it used to be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Correct Spark Plugs For 2000 Rx300

    Thanks for the quick response, that's what I needed to know. I went to Auto Zone and bought the Iridium IX no. 3764. I assume as long as it's Iridium I don't have to go to the next step up Iridium.
  5. Thinking about changing plugs at 118,000 miles and found NGK IFR6A11 in it. No stores can find that plug in there listing. Does anybody know what the correct OE plug should be?
  6. How To Change Spark Plugs?

    Thanks for your reply. I was hoping there was a part or two that I could take off that would make it easier. I may just skip putting in new plugs. It still runs fine and it "only" has 118,000 miles. Our mileage is down by about 2 mpg, but that could be the colder weather. So we'll see.
  7. I have a 2000 RX300 with 120,000 miles on it. It has the original sparks plugs in it, and I'd like to put new ones in. What is the best way to do this, especially the ones in the back. Is there a trick to getting back there by taking something apart. Any help (tips) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Rear Struts

    Hi, I have a 2000 RX300 FWD and I am planning on replacing the rear struts. Most of the parts houses are quoting me on Monroe Reflex struts. Are these any good? I don't want to loose a decent ride, but I also pull trailers once in a while. Also, do I need to get an alignment in the rear after this? Oh also are KYB struts better or about the same. Thanks for any info.
  9. Help - What Is It?

    I have a sensor of some type not connected to the engine. It is one wire (white w/red stripe), grey connector, and a mounting plate. I suspect it should be bolted to the upper motor mount next to the timing belt cover and the upper radiator hose casting. Can anyone confirm this, and what is it, and what does it do? They must of not remounted it when the timing belt was changed. Thanks for any help.
  10. Help On Trouble Codes For 2000 Rx300

    I'm still having problems and bad gas mileage. Here's the latest glue. If I reset the CEL and drive the truck for one continous trip 20-30 miles or whatever, and it gets good mileage, no CEL comes on. If you stop and turn it off and then a while later start and go, the CEL comes on after a couple miles, and the MPG starts goung down. What's happening? Also, yes I may be interested in the Oxygen sens or for sale.
  11. Help On Trouble Codes For 2000 Rx300

    Thanks for for the info on the A/F sensor. I did clear codes and when the CEL came on I pulled over and checked the code. This only took about 2 miles, then after another mile or so, the PO171 came up. Also I was watching the O2 values (don't know what to expect) but very little voltage movement. By the way I was using an OBD2 scanner. Would getting a new MAF be worth it for $54.? Could that clear the 1130 and 1150 codes?
  12. I need some guidance on what to do next. I had a PO125 code (insufficent coolant temp for closed loop system) and I replaced the thermostat. No more PO125. I reset the code and now after only 2 miles, I have a P1130, P1150 and shortly thereafter a PO171. Do I replace the AF (02?) sensor next or replace the MAF sensor (I've tried cleaning it) I should mention that the gas mileage is way down, and the truck seems to be surging. Thanks for any help, you can give me before I have to pay the big bucks to get it fixed.
  13. Help - Check Engine Light Codes

    Thanks for the thoughts. I agree they all can't be accurate. I'll try and get to autozone as the CEL comes on.
  14. Help - Check Engine Light Codes

    Thanks for the thoughts. I agree that all those codes are not accurate. I'll reset them and try a get to autozone when the CEL comes back on.