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  1. My guess is you are not pressing a save button somewhere...
  2. Wow, wow, wow! You did say that with what they added to the 2010 you would consider it, bu I thought you would go for an LS. I have had mine for three years now (hard to believe!) and I still love it!
  3. With not ML and panoramic sun roof, not UL...
  4. Car was running this morning when I noticed it so reading wouldn't be accurate until it rested a while. Will check this afternoon when I get home. I'm too fat and too old to crawl under car to check oil plug. I know, and the car is so darn low! Wouldn't it be great to have a hydraulic lift at home? Dip sticks have an acceptable range on them, as long as the level is between the two lines it should be fine. You can be a little low and still be OK, at least until you take it in and have it fixed. Just keep an eye on it. Also, oil tends to leak more while the engine is not running. While it is running the pressure keeps most of the oil busy, sort of. I remember being in a friend's car once and we ran over some (big rock) debris that was on the road and it gouged the oil pan. We didn't know anything was wrong until the engine was shut off and then it all came out.
  5. Isn't there a dipstick? Can't you see how low you are and add a quart if necessary? I know cars these days are high tech, but they are still mechanical. Also, have you looked at the oil plug itself and see remnants of oil on it? Can you tighten it a bit?
  6. Do the Garmins have hard drives or ability to store maps locally(just wondering)? How quickly does the map load, does it still take forever to boot up? Are the screens still tiny? I don't know, I like the protable DVD player, it's convenient and feature rich, but I still would hook a more expensive DVD player for my 65" plasma. Even if it didn't have all the same features, it does not really get outperformed by the feature rich portable. Perfomance is not how many neat features it has, it is about how quickly it takes to start up, to load a location, to calculate and recalculate a route, etc. My Droid has the GPS as well with all kinds of neat features, but I still prefer the performance and the screen of the nav in my car. And, it does lower the volume of the music when it talks to you and I don't have to suction cup it to my wind shield!
  7. They did make improvements, and the feedback is better, telling you what available commands/options you have a any given point. I felt it was better and a little faster pace, not as frustrating. I have used voice recognition on cell phones, and the car, and I do believe it is adequate. Can it improve, absolutely. But it is hard enough to understand someone talking to you from a cell phone, can you imagine how hard it is for software to make out what you are saying? The other day I was driving up to Phoenix, and although I struggled a little bit because I did not know exactly how to do it, I was able to enter a destination while still driving on the highway. It worked really well when I knew how to enter the destination using voice commands... I tell you what though, the voice recognition on the Droid has yet to fail me!
  8. I like the way it opens, you can put your ipod/music player/cell phone and connect it to the aux (which btw are better placed as well) without having wires crimped when you close the console or having to open the console to have access to the devices. You just slide it back and you still have an arm rest. And, I think the seat warmer/cooler switches are in the same exact spot, but the console is a little shorter so you can see them without having to lean forward when you look down. Those are three small improvements that I noticed.
  9. We have decided against Lexus, at this time. I am simply not convinced that Toyota has a full grasp of the issues with a runaway car. I see they are going to redesign the interface between the brake and gas pedal, but, there are simply too many other fine automobiles available. Good luck to you all. Hmmm, good riddings!!!! I hope you will find one of those fine automobiles with less issues...
  10. If you can read braille, the middle button has a dot on it, and then from there you need to feel left or right (or just push that one) depending on which button you want pressed. I have pressed the light switch in the past and then wondered why when I open the door the dome light will not come on. I am better now, I can find it without looking. You will too some day...
  11. The Michelin Primacy is less than a V rated tire, so some installers will not install it for you. The one that would be is the Michelin Energy which would cost a bit more. The other OEM tire is the Bridgestone Turanza EL400-02 which you can get for about $136 on TireRack but you can find it for about $8 less from other internet tire guys. I just got them through tire rack because with the shipping cost difference it was a wash and TireRack is a sponsor of this site. I immediately felt the improvement in handling around the curvy roads around my house even though it was the same tire that I replaced with. So, that's what I would go with, either the Energy or the Turanza.
  12. Steve, was this in reply to the floor mat thread?
  13. How do you find the right Gen/Ver on torrentz of the latest Nav DVD?
  14. That's one thing about the ES, the bottom always scrapes in parking lots. I have to park a foot away from the parking thing!
  15. I am having a hard time with the face also, other than that, it looks great.
  16. Cool, our cars aren't lying to us! Well, not completely lying...
  17. Will they update our trip computers with the new formula so our cars report to us the way it should be now?
  18. The shark fin antenna is for the satellite radio. There is no visible antenna for the GPS, the OEM GPS, that is.
  19. I don't know how those are supposed to work, but I would assume that it should scroll, or else it is useless.
  20. Good going! Isn't technology great? Well, except for your radio issues...
  21. Yes, it should scroll horizontally, that is how they all work. I am assuming you have the navigation system and you see the text when you press the "Audio" button, correct?
  22. I live in Arizona where the temperature often exceeds the 100 degree mark and never have experienced any issues with the radio/cd player.
  23. I have used the water/woolite mixture 5:1 or 6:1 with micro fiber towels with no problem, I also use the Sonus cockpit detailer. This repels the dust for some time and protects it from UV. No scratches... What I have found is that it can scuff easily when people cross their legs and put the side of their shoe soles, cutting into the dash. I was a little disappointed in the farigility of the material, but with time the scuffs aren't visible any more. Plus, I tell my son to be very careful when putting on his shoes on the way to basketball practice!
  24. Same thing happened to me, rear brakes were abnormally worn out, they were replaced for free. Take it in to the dealer.
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