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  1. Two totally different cars. The LX is much better in every way, but also more expensive to purchase and operate (it eats more gas, repairs and maintenance cost more, etc) I am on my 2nd LX (mine is a 2017 LX-570) and would not even consider the GX. The best thing to do is to drive both of them at least twice and make sure you do the test drives about 2 weeks apart from each other. The reason I recommend it this way is that most people get really excited after the first test drive. On the 2nd test drive you are less excited and much more focused on the car itself. Usually after the second test drive you will know. I sometimes wait another week or two after the 2nd test drive to see if I'm still excited about a car. if I am, I buy it. Ultimately, both are good cars and its a matter of personal preference and cost.
  2. With a Lexus the minute the electronics show any sign of doing something weird change the battery. I've owned many Lexus vehicles and it's a common issue with them. Once you replace the battery magically all the weird things the car is doing disappear

  3. Typically oil pressure rises as the oil filter starts getting filled up with debris over time and reduces flow. Since your car is so new, there is relatively little resistance at the filter thus keeping the oil pressure low. If oil pressure suddenly drops however, that could indicate an oil leak or ruptured oil filter.
  4. I had the dealer fix my "sensitivity Knob" recently. It works great. (as new). No charge either since they previously replaced the rain sensor. (I guess they forgot to hook-up or program the sensitivity sensor.
  5. No I don't know where its at. But since I just had the auto wiper system fixed, I was going to take it back to the dealer. I'll keep you posted.
  6. My auto sensor died. It worked great beforehand and adjustment sensitivity was excellent. Had it replaced by dealer. Now sensitivity is poor and changing the sensitivity knob makes no difference to the sinsitivity of the system at all. Its as if the sensitivity knob doesn't work at all.
  7. LX-570, National Parks, 5500 Miles, 19 Days!
  8. I have a 2010 LX-570 with 42,000 miles and average about 14 miles per gallon in mixed driving. Unfortunately, too many sales people are either mis-informed, don't tell the truth or both.
  9. I have a 2010 LX 570 with 42,500 miles. (Purchased in October/2009) I replaced the rear pads at 35,000 miles. My fronts are due with my next oil change at 45,000 miles. Given that it's a 6000 Lbs SUV, I think thats reasonable. What you are experiencing seems to me unreasonable. But brake's wear is obviously very dependent on whether you drive aggresively or not. On a side note: Wierd that my rears needed replacement first. Hope this helps. I love my car and just recommended one to a friend today. (He just sold his 2003 LX470 with 250,000 miles and wants a new LX)
  10. Considring getting a new 2012 LS460L fully loaded with sport suspension, pre-collision, etc. (Sticker is $83,020.00) I read about many problems and recalls including engine valves on earlier models. Have these issues been resolved? Are there any other known problems with the LS460L after it's 2010 refresh? I currently have a 2004 LS430 Ultra Luxury that I will be passing on to my kid who turns 16 in a couple of months. I love that car! It has 90,000+ miles and has been pretty much trouble free. Thanks.
  11. When I purchased my 2010 LX570 (in Southern California) Lexus offered the car with two different tires. Some came with the Dunlops and others with the Michelin Latitude tires. I was lucky - mine came with the Michelin Latitudes which I think are greatly supperior to the Dunlops. I have about 40,000 on them so far and could easily do another 10,000 or more. I would go to another dealer or an independent tire store for another opinion. Check the tire warranty that came with the car. Regardless, I would suggest you switch to the Michelin Latitudes as your next tire. You will never consider another tire after that. (The exception might be if you drive a lot in the snow. Michelin rated them only a 7 out of 10 for snow handling) Hope this helps. Good luck.
  12. As mentioned, lexus LS is on a 6 year cycle. As a rule of thumb, it's best to buy the car after it's 1st major refresh, since that is when they fix/improve the model significantly. I never buy the first year a car comes out. All my LS sedans were purchased right after their major refresh and I never had any major problems, bugs, etc. As for the current LS (LS460), the mid cycle refresh was done in 2010. So the 2010 model year or newer are after the mid cycle refresh, so that's what I recommend you buy.
  13. You are very brave to drive with a gas can in the back and see how far you can go after DTE = 0. Thanks for the info. It's very useful.
  14. I own a 2010 LX570 and the car is more than I expected in every way. I would buy it again in a heart beat! I don't recommend you get the 2008 or 2009. In 2010 Lexus changed from "Lexus Link" to "Destination Assist". It's much better, offers better services and the big advantage is that you can call them while you drive and they can download your destination(s) while you drive as well. (Very useful). The 08 and 09 had a hard drive option to store music downloaded from an Ipod. The 2010 no longer has the hard drive option, (i wish it did) but you can play the ipod directly thru the nav/radio system by plugging it in. You can do the same with tho 08/09 but the ipod does not charge while in use. In the 2010, there are two connections to the ipod availavle, a usb to play music and a regular jack for charging the ipod. So in the 2010 you can play the ipod and charge it at the same time. (I could care less since I mainly listen to news and talk radio anyway) In the 2008 and maybe in the 2009 as well, the car came standard with 18" wheels and optional 20". In 2010 it's only available with the 20" wheels. (20" wheels look nicer) In 2010 they had only 2 options as far as I saw. Fully loaded with rear seat video or fully loaded without the rear seat video. (Mine is without since my kids are in high school). In 2011, the prices of the car went up significantly. So Lexus now has 3 versions of the LX570. I don't remember the exact options on each, (Check them out at the dealer) but I do know that the fully loaded one had 3 unique featers that were not available on the other two versions. Heated steering wheel (Great option that was not available on the 2010 LX), Rear seat entertainment and ice box in lieu of the center storage box. I have not personally seen an LX with the Ice Box, but from what I can tell it totally replaces the center storage box. If so, I would be hesitant to buy it since there really isn't much storage without that center box and I have a lot of STUFF in my center storage box. There is another option (radar cruise control with pre-collision) but from my investigation it is only on the brochure. Good luck trying to find a car with that option. In 2010 Lexus did not bring a single LX into the US with that option. I think it's an excellent option (I have it on my LS430) and would buy it if it was available. Maybe in the 2011 model year they are actually shipping LX's with it to the US. The used LX prices are very high. From what I can tell it almost doesn't pay to buy a used one since you don't save much. If you plan on keeping your car for a long time like I do, it pays to buy brand new. Feel free to call me if you want more info. My cell is 818-424-0082. Amir
  15. To my knowledge the 2010 LX570 does not have the heated steering option. I did not see it anywhere on the 2010 LX documentation. I have a 2010 LX and wish it did come with the heated steering option.
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