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  1. yes it sure did, been driving problem free since then.
  2. With a Lexus the minute the electronics show any sign of doing something weird change the battery. I've owned many Lexus vehicles and it's a common issue with them. Once you replace the battery magically all the weird things the car is doing disappear

  3. Hello,I want to share my experience for folks here who may be having similar issue for better troubleshooting.Started with slow cranking when you press engine start button it cranks 2 or 3 times and stops press button again all lights dim like as if battery is dying and cranks slow slow and then starts maybe have to try third time as well. I checked online and most of people mentioned same problem in different vehicles being starter going out.I checked battery with multimeter, after about 4 to 5 hours of turning off engine it was showing around 12.4 volts. I cranked motor and the voltage reading was 13.5v while engine running.other signs i experienced was that the courtesy and interior lights turn off and i had to manually put them back on auto every time. Another related issue was that the navigation was taking some time to boot and show progress bar with text saying system booting which never happened before and take 10 to 15 seconds everytime i start. One more issue was that as soon as vehicle turns on the lexus link calls itself and had to turn off.So i took it to autozone and had them load test battery which revealed that battery apparently has a bad cell so its not a starter. Next thing i called lexus since it has lexus battery, they told me that warranty works like this: first 2 years free replacement, year 3 and 4 50% proration and year 5 6 and 7 25% proration. My battery is 3 years and 2 months old so they will charge me $104.65 to replace battery which i believe better than buying $100 walmart battery.
  4. No special package, i just bought it from ebay searched led lights interior package t10 and 31mm for $5.99 and also bought t10 360* 10 smd for $6.29
  5. All gen3 models sold in US starting from 2008 has hdd instead of dvd thats why you have to have a special usb key from dealer to update maps and software and that usb plugs on the back of unit. Just another way for them to make more money off of you since they charge around $500 for update where as dvd would be just around $100
  6. i just bought mine at ebay used. i paid $30 for one and $35 for second. you just have to keep looking and wait for better deal. i just searched lexus lx wireless headphones. they were used but in excellent condition came with batteries. i didnt wanna pay for brand new so optex for used and doesnt regret it at all.
  7. it is very simple, i have replaced mine with led lights. you dont even need to remove any screws or disassemble anything, if you just feel it under and behind the running board light you can just twist the light bulb and pull out, replace and just twist it back into place. simpler than it sounds trust me.i had uploaded pictures on some forum few months ago for mine replacement.
  8. Next tutorial i am planning on is for Spark Plugs followed by hopefully transmission and transfer case fluid exchanged.
  9. Can anyone help me how to embed pictures. This has been very frustrating for me to post pics
  10. So the back of the passenger seat was coming apart due to broken tabs inside. This back piece comes as one part and cost atleast $150 online and even more from dealership. Here is what it looks like and i decided to fix it instead of replacing it. IMG_3122 by umar ali, on Flickr 1. Move the seat all the way back and place flathead screwdriver under piece and just pull up it will pop off easily. Repeat same for other side. You will find one bolt on each side. I believe 14mm size socket will work. IMG_3115 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3117 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3119 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3120 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3121 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3125 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3127 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3128 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3129 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3131 by umar ali, on Flickr 3. Now reach under the seat on the floor and pull carpet piece aside. Unplug these 3 plugs from ECU, this is just a precautionary measure not to pop out any airbags in the seat while working on it. They are easy to remove, just press on tabs and pull out. IMG_3130 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3132 by umar ali, on Flickr 5. Lift the seat from front and remove these 3 plugs from the bottom since the cable limits the room for movement of seat. IMG_3133 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3134 by umar ali, on Flickr This small clip doesnt comes off easy so i just pulled down on cable since it is just tied with tape to this clip and easily slide off. Then use nose pliers to take it out IMG_3135 by umar ali, on Flickr 6. Now pull the seat all the way back and push it to dashboard. IMG_3136 by umar ali, on Flickr 7. Now from rear seat you can easily work on it. Pull these rubber elastic bands at the bottom of seat holding flap. This will uncover 2 Phillips screws holding the back plastic piece. IMG_3138 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3139 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3140 by umar ali, on Flickr Remove the cable for small LED on the bottom side of the flap. Just push down tab and pull it out. IMG_3141 by umar ali, on Flickr These are the 2 screws need to be removed holding the back plastic piece. IMG_3143 by umar ali, on Flickr Now just pull the Back down and out. It is held on top by clip only. IMG_3145 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3144 by umar ali, on Flickr Since you got so far, this is the motor which controls the leaning back ofseat, if it doesnt work this motor needs to be checked. IMG_3146 by umar ali, on Flickr This motor controls the sliding of seat back and forth IMG_3147 by umar ali, on Flickr This motor controls the seat to grow longer at knees. IMG_3148 by umar ali, on Flickr If you want to service the seat fan underneath. Just turn filtercounterclockwise and it comes off. Now remove 3 bolts holding it in place andwiggle off the ducts but be careful not to rip the ducts. I almost ripped myduct which trying to take it off. Unless you live in very dusty environment for longer period of time the fanstays pretty clean and need no service. IMG_3161 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3150 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3151 by umar ali, on Flickr 8. This is the back part which has 5 broken tabs which hold the flap. Theone with arrow is the only one left all other broke off. IMG_3153 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3154 by umar ali, on Flickr 9. I bough cotter pins of size 1/16" x 1/2" and #10 washers fromhome depot for around $4 total. IMG_3155 by umar ali, on Flickr 10.This is the small drill i have which i used to drill holes where the tabsbroke off. IMG_3157 by umar ali, on Flickr 11. Then i put cotter pin from outside and put washer on the inside and bendcotter pin and hammered down lightly IMG_3158 by umar ali, on Flickr IMG_3159 by umar ali, on Flickr Only this small part is visible on outer back side but all of them will becovered by flap except one which is too small to notice. IMG_3160 by umar ali, on Flickr Now just put everything backwards and you have a fixed backseat flap. Note: it really sucks that i had to write this DIY twice, i almost finishedfirst time and closed tab by mistake then wrote it all over again.
  11. I am fixing to write second DIY for passenger seat, i disassembled and took detailed pictures for if any of the part goes bad. I noticed there arent DIY`s on LX 570 so thinking of contributing as much as i can.
  12. So the rear vent was broken on my LX and it was annoyoing since the replacement part is the whole console comes in one part which is $1200 and i am not paying $1200 for a broken fin in the vent. So i decided to fix it myself and took some pictures just in case someone want to do DIY someday. 1. Pull from the top sides and it just comes apart as in picture since there are no bolts in it just the tabs holding it together. 2. Remove 2 screws holding bottom parts which has face plate and volume knob for rear entertainment system. 3. remove the power plug from the bottom part carefully by pressing white tab on the side and pulling it out. 4. remove 3 small screws holding the center climate control part and pull it out from bottom first and it will slide out at an angle. 5. Now pinch the plastic tabs holding wire in place and unplug the wire plug same way. 6. remove the 6 screws to remove finally the top part holding the vents. 7. Now take which ever side has broken fin and just lift the four plastic pieces with small tabs holding it to the frame two on top and two on bottom and pull the vent part out. 8. From this point it will be straight forward that pyll the side tab holding round dial in which is used to open and close duct and just pull out. 9. Now pull the plastic bars holding fins towards outside they are just snap on to the small tabs which has play so it can move. 10. For my fix what i did was took small drill and drill a whole through the side of fin, then drilled a hole through the broken small tab piece and put a metal needle pice through them and poured crazy glue in to keep it together. just reverse the process and that way you will have working vents perfectly without shedding $1200. BTW these vents are not part of rear AC, they are connected to front driver and passenger side, the vent on left is connected to driver`s controls and right side is connected to passenger`s control. Dont really see the purpose why would manufacturer do that.