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  1. Thanks! I guess I need to drive GX some day. The thing is they look pretty much the same, right? When on the street it's hard to tell which is which... I was hoping that maybe the difference is mostly something I don't need at all - like 3rd row and bigger size, or some electronic thingies I don't use anyways, and that's it. So I can pay less, have a slightly smaller truck but still enjoy driving a nice Lexus 🙂
  2. I have 2011 LX and soon it's time to replace it with a new truck. I still love my LX and I'm thinking of the same model, 2018 or maybe wait for 2019, but recently I thought - maybe GX might be good enough for me? Can you dear experts share your opinions and experience and tell me what are the main differences between those two models? I know that GX has funny rear door (barn) and the 3rd row seats are not good as in LX. What else? Thank you guys!
  3. Yes, there is no mentioning LX in any of the reviews, thats why I am asking here. The sensors level is too close to hitch level to just assume its okay. Yes I could disable parking sensors, but I'd rather stay without the bumper guard...Parking sensors help a lot. The rear view camera does about the same job but you can be easily distracted and in that case sensors' beeping sound is priceless ;) Yes, reattaching the cover is easy but without the cover the bumper looks kinda ugly. And to keep the guard you need to keep the cover off. And yes if I install that guard I would leave it installed all the time. To guard my bumper, thats what it designed for, right? I dont really care about the other vehicle's damage, I care about my shiny bumper :) And for my vehicle damage - as I understand, in case of a minor collision nothing happens to my vehicle since the guard is attached to the frame thru that receiver, right? And if something big happens, then theres no much difference with or without it. Securing the guard - there is a variety of locks for that, no big deal.
  4. Unfortunately the Amazon seller tells me that he has no idea ;( I am talking about the GoRhino Hitchstep which goes into the trailer receiver. The good thing is that no assembly required, the bad thing is that you need to take out the cover from the middle of the rear bumper and it doesnt look pretty ;) And looks like that guard is just below the parking sensors level, so it's hard to tell whether it'll be okay or those sensors will go crazy.
  5. Does anyone know or already purchased rear parking sensors compatible bumper guards for LX570? There is a nice guard on amazon, easily installable into hitch receiver, and my only concern is with parking sensors... Thank you!
  6. Thank you Paul! I drove to my mechanic and he fixed it in an hour. I was lucky nothing was broken, just went apart... Thank you for a link, good to know, will keep in mind. Regards
  7. Hello everybody, please help! Hit something with my passenger side mirror and it flew out of the housing. Trying to put everything back together and it's not easy for me :( Please please share your knowledge and/or some links? Cannot figure out where to install 2 yellow small springs ... Thank you!